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8:57 pm EDT        67°F (19°C) in Kirkersville, OH

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Geez, after going eight months without an update in this God-forsaken state down south, the state that is full of evil Buckeyes, I’ve now made two updates in a row here. I’ll just have to wait for November 18 for said evil Buckeyes to get their comeuppance.

Yes, in case that last sentence didn’t just give it away, the Michigan football season is back upon us. The defense shined and the offense stumbled in a 27-7 victory last Saturday over Vanderbilt at Michigan Stadium. Seeing as the defense was repeatedly the biggest problem with last year’s team, what with the four games in which Michigan blew two-score leads, their performance against Vanderbilt is definitely a most welcome sign. The offensive line and running back Mike Hart looked really good as well, but the rest of the offense — quarterback Chad Henne and the receivers — stunk. That kind of performance won’t beat Notre Dame nine days from now in South Bend, so they better get their shit straightened out against MAC bottom-feeder Central Michigan this weekend.

I have collected yet more evidence in the last few days to prove what I said in my last update about the big oil companies attempting to throw this November’s mid-term elections to the Rethuglicans by dramatically lowering gasoline prices now. Big Oil isn’t lowering prices everywhere; the new evidence I have collected indicates that the dramatic price drops are mostly occurring in so-called “red states” (the states usually dominated by the Rethuglicans). While gas is now down to $2.25 in some places here in deep-red Ohio, and was observed at around $2.40 last weekend in equally red Virginia, it’s still at $2.90 to $3.00 in the Chicago metropolitan area. (Illinois is a “blue state” where Democrats usually win statewide elections, and Chicago’s very own Cook County by itself votes strongly Democratic enough to offset the Rethuglican leanings downstate.)

This is also holding true in “blue” enclaves of “red” states. For example, Gary, Indiana, a city with an overwhelmingly majority-black population and landslide election victories for Democrats, had gas averaging $2.75 the other night. A mere 30 miles south of there, in the sparsely-populated part of Lake County that mostly affluent white (read: more Rethuglican-leaning) people call home, gas was twenty cents per gallon cheaper at around $2.55. Gas got even cheaper the farther south I went on Interstate 65, generally running in the mid-$2.40s in rural Rethuglican Indiana. Of course, as I mentioned in the last update, diesel is still at least $2.75 everywhere; they know that most of us truckers probably don’t bother to vote, even absentee, so we don’t even come up as a blip on their radar screen.

This is proof that the lowering of prices is politically motivated to benefit the Rethuglicrime Party. Big Oil knows exactly who lives in the places where they are dramatically cutting their prices: insanely partisan people whose two choices on Election Day are the Rethuglican candidate or staying at home. You know who I’m talking about: the brainless idiots who would rather have their job outsourced to China than vote for the party that will prevent that, just because a few members of that party don’t see any problem with granting 1,100 federal benefits to two people of the same sex. I’m talking about the people who would rather vote for a worldwide nuclear holocaust that wipes out humanity simply because the other party believes women should have the right to make their own reproductive choices.

Meanwhile, they are continuing to gouge those areas that generally vote against their Rethuglican Congressional lackeys. Those liberals in the Northeast and on the West Coast? Fuck them. All those niggers in Chicago and Gary? Fuck them too. That is exactly the thought process going on in the minds of Big Oil executives — to hell with anybody in any significant Democratic constituency for opposing their lackeys.

It is absolutely sickening that the Rethuglicrime Party will stop at nothing to win elections and maintain absolute power. Ten years ago, if you had told me that large multi-national corporations were going to do everything in their near-infinite power (remember, money is power) to throw an election in favor of their preferred political party, I would have laughed right in your face and told you what an idiot you were. Now it’s really happening. With none of the Rethuglicans’ usual tactics of gay-bashing, race-baiting, immigrant-bashing, and fake manufactured “terror” alerts working to improve their lot in the polls, they are turning absolutely ruthless in their quest to re-make America in the image of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy.

Speaking of corporations pulling out all the stops for Rethuglicans, the ABC television network is still planning to run a Rethuglican-produced hit piece, The Path to 9/11, that essentially blames Bill Clinton and his administration for 9/11. ABC, which is apparently now an acronym for All Bullshit Conservatism, distributed 900 copies of the miniseries to conservative Reich-wing bloggers and media personalities, but steadfastly refused to send copies to progressives, Clinton, and other members of Clinton’s administration. If that’s not an admission of a partisan slant, I don’t know what is. This is a total violation of campaign-finance laws, and it perfectly indicates why we need to restore the Fairness Doctrine so that lie-filled garbage like this can no longer be passed off as “news.”

There are still plenty of miles to be made tonight, so I need to get moving, er, putzing along to avoid Ohio’s Speed Gestapo. wink