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3:19 am EDT        74°F (23°C) in Texarkana, AR

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The only reason I’m still up this late is that I’m waiting to get loaded. I have been here for over six hours, and there’s still no end in sight. Oh well, these people will end up getting billed for some detention time for holding me here this long.

Just over 24 hours ago, in the wee hours of Friday morning, I made a $50 contribution to the Rainbow World Fund, a gay-operated charity that provides humanitarian assistance in many different countries throughout the world. At this time, RWF is accepting donations that will go toward providing non-perishable food and bottled water to the victims of Hurricane Katrina; on the donation page, you can specifically earmark your donation for Katrina relief by typing “Katrina” in one of the form fields. Donating money through RWF rather than through the Red Cross accomplishes two things that I think are quite important: (1) it is a form of protest against the Red Cross’ unnecessarily anti-gay blood-donation policies, and (2) the help is provided to those who need it in the name of the international gay and lesbian community, showing everybody that we aren’t really the bad people that some would have you believe we are.

(The Red Cross’ blood-donation policies prohibit any man who has had sex with another man since 1977, even once, from donating blood. They claim that this policy is in place to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS through blood banks, but I happen to know from having once donated blood that Red Cross personnel perform a finger-prick HIV test on every donor before taking any blood. Considering that they are already testing everybody for HIV, the continued existence of the aforementioned policy is utterly redundant and unnecessary, and really speaks to the homophobia of the Red Cross.)

Meanwhile, Dumbya continues to behave more and more like the ancient Roman emperor Nero, the one who famously “fiddled while Rome burned.” In this case, it can be said that Dumbya rode his bicycle and pushed his Medicare disaster while New Orleans was turning into hell on earth. Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans, blew up in a radio interview on Thursday, launching an expletive-laden tirade against Dumbya and more or less demanding the full force of the federal government immediately. Then again, I really don’t think Dumbya gives much of a shit. “It’s only a bunch of niggers who voted against me, so screw them,” seems to be the attitude of this mis-administration.

FAUX News has been more or less proving that through its coverage of the disaster. While the other major networks are concentrating on the scope of the humanitarian crisis, FAUX News has filled a fair bit of time with video of (almost exclusively) poor black people going into stores and taking things they need to survive, such as shoes, water, and baby formula. It’s as if FAUX News (and, by extension, the White House) is trying to say, “Look at all of these niggers — they’re nothing but criminals! It’s only because of them that New Orleans is in such bad shape!” The ugly stench of racism has reared its head once again, courtesy of Dumbya and the Republican Party.

The following table illustrates the various priorities of liberals/progressives and conservatives/Republicans when it comes to handling a major disaster such as Katrina:



  1. Get any and all necessary help into the affected area IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Ensure the comfort, safety, hygiene, health, and proper nutrition of all of the victims.
  3. Do whatever is necessary to get the victims’ lives back to normal, as quickly as humanly possible.
  4. If in doubt, refer to #1 through #3.
  1. Enjoy the remainder of your vacation.
  2. Suspend civil liberties.
  3. Withhold help from those who voted against you.
  4. Stick it to all brown people, especially those niggers. Make frequent references to them as “criminals” and “looters.”
  5. Blame the faggots for the disaster.
  6. Use the disaster as an excuse to jack up oil prices so you can make big bucks off your stock holdings.
  7. Make sure you have 80% of the affected areas’ National Guard troops halfway around the world playing war games.
  8. Put Pat Robertson’s “charity” organization, which is really a front to funnel money to the GOP, on the FEMA web site.
  9. Catch Spamalot on Broadway, and buy a very expensive pair of shoes.

No wonder that people are dying left and right, that dead bodies, fecal matter, and vermin are floating in the floodwaters, and that complete anarchy has taken over New Orleans; I mean, that’s one hell of a priority list to get around to before doing anything about Katrina.

Yes, as indicated in conservative priority #8 above, Pat Robertsatan’s “charity” Operation Blessing is one of only three organizations listed on the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) web site as suggested options for Katrina relief donations. Seeing as Robertsatan has already collected $25 million in federal handouts to “faith-based” programs, it is quite obvious that he is going to use Katrina as an opportunity to personally profit from the goodwill of gullible Americans. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, give a cent to Operation Blessing, if you’re trying to get money to the people who need it.

Seriously, given the actions of the Dumbya mis-administration, it’s past time for impeachment. A bullet in the head would be a more appropriate way to deal with him at this point, considering that now, he has allowed thousands of American citizens to die by his inaction. Frankly, he’s not the only one deserving of such a fate; the rest of the neo-con lunatics in his mis-administration should be executed as well for their crimes against humanity. I mean, if there was ever a time for “shock and awe,” it was on Tuesday in New Orleans, and the fact that they did not do this is the worst form of crime — for which, in my opinion, execution by firing squad is the only appropriate punishment.

Well, if you don’t see an update here in the next few weeks, I guess you can assume that Karl Rove and Alberto “Torture is A-OK” Gonzales have locked me up for the rant in the previous paragraph. wink