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My thoughts and prayers will be with the people of southeastern Louisiana and Mississippi over the next couple of days, as Hurricane Katrina bears down on the region. From all of the weather data I’ve been looking at, Katrina could very well end up causing the near-total destruction of the city of New Orleans, as well as probably wipe a fair bit of Plaquemines and Lafourche parishes in Louisiana right off of the map. My best educated guess takes the track of Katrina’s eye almost directly over the west-side New Orleans suburb of Kenner, meaning the Crescent City is probably fucked with a capital F, as Lake Pontchartrain will spill over its flood levees and inundate the city. I do hope for the best, but this looks to be one of the worst storms to have ever hit the United States.

Perhaps it is not terribly appropriate to politicize the devastation caused by such a catastrophic natural disaster, but I do think that a couple things merit some consideration. If the “Doomsday” scenario does come true for the city of New Orleans, the rebuilding costs will likely run into the hundreds of billions of dollars, much of which will come in the form of federal disaster relief funding. Oh, but wait a minute, we’ve already spent that $300 billion on a pack of lies in Iraq. Sorry New Orleans, Dumbya’s oil war has blown all the money that should be coming your way.

After the storm has left its path of destruction, the National Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers will probably be needed to prevent looting, pump several feet of water out of downtown New Orleans, and oversee the distribution of emergency supplies such as food and clean water. Oh, but wait a minute, half of the Guard is tied up in the quagmire in Iraq, and no matter how much it screws Republican-leaning Louisiana, Dumbya claims we have to “stay the course.”

I certainly don’t mean to throw salt in the wounds of those who are likely to lose their homes and businesses to Katrina, but I do hope people give some thought to how those victimized by Katrina (and by extension, the American people in general, who will foot the bill) are getting fucked twice because of the policies pursued by that brain-dead idiot in the White House. Did it ever occur to any Republicans that we just might need to put that $300 billion we have wasted in Iraq to better use back here in America? No, I guess not. They’ve been too busy selling the American people out, and we must hold them accountable for this in November 2006.