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2:20 am EDT        59°F (15°C) in Dexter, MI

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I am near the end of a six-day break from the road. I spent most of this time at my parents' house, complete with a nasty little spat over the weekend; now I'm back in the truck, but not yet under a load, waiting for a medical appointment later on this morning.

I haven't been writing much lately for many of the same reasons as the last time: my last several days on the road before this time off were extremely busy, and I've not had a lot of energy or desire to do much else. I think my old demon — depression — is back, and that's the reason I'm seeing somebody in the morning. I'll see if this time, I can't kill it off for good, or at least until I get back through school and get a killer job with kick-ass medical insurance. smiley face (That is, if Bush doesn't steal another election and proceed to continue on toward 100% fuckage of the non-rich.)