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4:10 am EDT        73°F (23°C) in Fairburn, GA

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I have completed yet another hellacious run to this Atlanta suburb, where a load of mayonnaise is currently being taken off my trailer. I’m going to try to get most of the daylight hours of today off, before proclaiming myself ready to run another load later this evening.

Yesterday night, in my nightly pokings-around on the ‘Net, I happened across a new article on DailyKos that proves the point I have made on multiple occasions here: that it is conservatives, not liberals, who are the true extremists and fanatics in America. In fact, Paul Rosenberg, the author of the series of articles, has even proven me right when it comes to so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” and their views on homosexuality. I shall explain in more detail.

Using proven polling data from the General Social Survey, Rosenberg demonstrated how racism has been the primary reason for the great surge in ultra-conservatism in the Republican Party. In particular, it has been racism among white people in the South that has driven this shift. (Not all white Southerners are ignorant racist war-hungry homophobes, quite obviously, but one does find a plurality of ignorant racist war-hungry homophobes below the Mason-Dixon line.) One hardly needs polling data to prove that; Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” and Ronald Reagan’s speeches on “law and order” and “welfare queens in Chicago” provide all the proof one needs that the Republican Party made a large, concerted effort to court those white Southerners seething at their defeat in the civil-rights battles of the sixties.

By the late 1970s, though, even these ignoramuses were starting to realize that their racial views were extreme and out of touch with mainstream America. Fortunately for them, the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision handed them another group to hate, marginalize, and attack: women seeking abortions. While conservatives and “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” would have you believe that it was an activist liberal Supreme Court enforcing the will of the “liberal” Democratic Party with its Roe decision, this polling data proves that they are lying. It was not until the late 1980s that the Democrats were more pro-choice than the Republicans; in fact, the data shows that Republican support for reproductive freedom in the early 1980s was double what it is now! The undeniable fact is that a thirty-year campaign of “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” propaganda and lies has caused the Republican Party to turn to the extreme right on the abortion issue.

Again, they want you to believe that the Stonewall riot of the late sixties caused Democrats to become so “liberal” on the issue of homosexuality, but again, this is a lie. Opposition to gay rights came up as their new issue du jour in the early 1990s, when a marriage-equality court case first came up in Hawaii. This came from basically the same people: barely-reformed racists who still needed somebody to hate, somebody to feel “better than.” The fact that the vast majority of state bigotry amendments are in effect in Southern states whose courts have never heard major marriage-equality cases proves this quite clearly: ignorant white Southerners still fuming about having lost the battle over race are today’s anti-choicers and homo-haters. Of course, this too has become a major issue taken up by the Republican Party, as extremists have infiltrated it and taken it over top to bottom.

Another one of that series of articles proves that it is the Republicans and not the Democrats who are driven by their extremist kook fringe. According to the polling data, merely 40% of those polled who called themselves Democrats were found to have truly liberal views — yes, it is true, liberals are outnumbered in the Democratic Party! At the same time, two-thirds of self-identifying Republicans were found to have conservative views, and they outnumber those Republicans who were found to be more liberal by an overwhelming 8-to-1 margin. Male-to-female transsexual “Ann” Coulter (I’m telling you, look at that Adam’s apple) would have you believe that the Democrats are dominated by ultra-liberals and that the Republicans are the mainstream, but as always, “she” is lying; the polling data shows the exact inverse to be the undeniable truth.

The stench of “fundamentalist ‘Christianity’” that hangs over the South like the sulfur-laden smog cloud over U.S. Steel’s Gary, IN works (which I just drove past on Monday afternoon) has actually in large part been caused by this still-simmering racial hatred. These ignorant Satan-motivated morons have profaned the most holy Name of Jesus Christ in three ways. For the sake of reading clarity, I’m going to put a paragraph break here before I detail these.

First, mis-using His name in this way lends a false air of legitimacy and “holiness” to their Satan-inspired crusade against their fellow human beings; it is human nature to think that if it’s associated with Christ, even falsely so as these “fundamentalists” do, it must be good. Second, this mis-use of Christ’s name allows “fundamentalists” to threaten those with weak minds (which, sadly, seems to be a majority of Southerners of all races) into accepting the warped “fundamentalist” world view; all the talk of “you’ll burn eternally in the lake of fire, if you don’t fight the abortionists and homosexuals” scares vast swaths of society into seeing things the “fundamentalist” way. Third and finally, this profaning of Christ’s name allows these barely-reformed racists to deny their past role in resisting them thar uppity niggers and the connection of that role to their current anti-choice and anti-gay crusades. In some respects, this is an extension of the first one, in that it allows these people to view themselves as moral and upstanding citizens with nary a whiff of guilt for their tremendously un-Godly, anti-Christian behavior.

The upshot of all of this is that, unlike what “fundamentalists” falsely claim, Jesus Christ does not sanction or particpate in the hatred displayed toward people of different races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, pregnancy statuses, marital statuses, and socio-economic classes by those who claim to “follow” Him. The parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37) proves this beyond a doubt. Rather, what is happening today in “Christian” churches is that so-called “Christians” are trying to justify Satan-inspired behavior by covering it up with a cloak of “Christianity.” It is truly sad that so many Americans — not just white Southerners; in fact, far from it — are too stupid to see this for what it is, an attempt to polish a turd. More and more people are starting to use their God-given brains to see right through this for the first time every day, but Satan will never stop in his (to this point largely successful) efforts to deceive humankind into believing that God is vengeful, hateful, and hell-bent on revenge.

(In case you don’t believe me, the stupidity of Americans was on blatant display in yesterday’s newspaper headlines, which blared that King Chimpy’s fake manufactured “terror” alert of two weeks ago has evaporated the general lead Democrats had just a few weeks ago in “which party do you want running the country?” polling. Americans are obviously still stupid enough to fall for every tiny little scare the Rethuglicans drum up — they’re like three-year-olds who scream to Mommy every time an older sibling makes even a remotely “scary” hand gesture or sound. In this case, Rethuglicans are both the older sibling and Mommy — they know that Americans are stupid enough to fall for their scare tactics and come running to the GOPstapo every time.)

That said, I am going to try to see an immigration lawyer on my next home time in mid-September. I have had it with the average IQ of about 75 in this country, and even being as young as 26, I know I won’t live long enough for the “American Dream” to ever be peacefully restored here. This is part of a much longer discussion that would be best saved for a future update, but when I quit driving a truck, I am absolutely getting the hell out of southeastern Michigan; I’m looking at moving to either the Northeast or Seattle, WA here in the States, or Canada, probably in either the Windsor or Toronto, Ontario areas. Frankly, Canada is much closer than America ever will be to having a society that truly believes in Jesus’ message in Matthew 25:40: “Whatsoever you do to the least of My people, that you do unto Me.”

For some reason, my stomach seems to be acting up on me again, in much the same way as it did last week. I have decided to schedule an appointment with my doctor during said next time at home, and as long as this doesn’t just miraculously disappear on its own, I’m going to get it checked out. Until my next update, to quote gay radio talk show host John McMullen, “May your shadow fall in pleasant places.”