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8:43 pm EDT        100°F (38°C) in Fort Worth, TX

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OK, at this point we have enough evidence to arrest Pat Robert-satan and throw his well-fucked (by his lover Jerry Falwell) ass in prison. He’s already in the fast lane — no, make that the HOV lane, because he’s “leading” millions of his followers at the same time — of the highway to hell, for spreading outright lies about gay and lesbian people; but what he said on last night’s The 700 Club is sufficient to send him to federal prison.

This time, Robert-satan advocated the assassination of a foreign head of state, namely the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. This is already well-documented throughout the Internet, so I’m just going to provide the links to some other content at, The Bulldog Manifesto, and Where the Dolphins Play. I’m so sick and fucking tired of talking about that anti-Christian dumbfuck closeted homo from Virginia Beach that I’m just going to leave the commentary to those fine web sites.

I do want to attack this from a different, less specific angle, though: when are the American people going to wake up to the destruction of this country by the neo-cons and the Christofascist terrorists? One would think that $3.00/gallon gasoline prices would have awakened most sane people, and that Dumbya’s 36% approval rating (which, I might add, is even lower than Nixon’s nadir during the height of Watergate) would have him trying to figure out what he’s doing wrong, but such is not the case. If Americans have any collective brains at all, the Democrats will win control of the House and Senate in November 2006 — but then again, bearing in mind that the average IQ of this country seems to border on mental retardation, I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve got plenty of shit to do yet, so that’s gonna have to do it for tonight.