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7:59 am EDT        68°F (20°C) in South Rockwood, MI

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You are reading the first update I have ever made from my new apartment. I signed the lease here 15 days ago, on July 14, and began moving in here in earnest later that week. A couple of the rooms in here are still disaster areas because of all the shit I haven’t yet put in its permanent storage places, but I’m making slow progress on that front.

I have also finished with the first week of my new job, which I started last Monday. In case you haven’t been reading this in the past, I am now hauling fuel for a truck-stop chain, servicing five of its southeastern Michigan locations. At some point when I have more time, I’ll probably have more to say about that.

Unfortunately, a full day of shit to do beckons, so my first update in 11 days must end almost as quickly as it began.