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3:47 am EDT        74°F (23°C) in Latta, SC

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Somebody somewhere was full of shit. After sitting for the entire weekend up in Virginia, I was told yesterday around noon EDT that the shipper I went into Friday night did, in fact, have the load I was told they didn’t have on Friday. In any event, I am now parked for the night on my way to Tampa; I should be there tomorrow afternoon.

I really don’t have a ton of news, as I can’t say that a whole lot of interest to me has been going on lately. One small item I can report is that I now have my hotel reservations for the first-ever National Road Enthusiast Meet, which is scheduled for August 10-12 in Pittsburgh, PA. After some three and a half years participating on the USENET newsgroup misc.transport.road, I still have only met a few of the participants in that and other online road groups, mostly those from southeastern Michigan and northwestern Ohio. I don’t know how many of, say, the West Coast participants in m.t.r. may show up, as it is obviously quite a hike from there to Pittsburgh; but I do know that at least a few people from (generally speaking) the eastern half of the country have already announced their plans to attend. (Obviously, more people will show up than are likely to have announced it beforehand on m.t.r..)

In any event, you can’t beat the rate I found: $68 per night for a Days Inn very near downtown Pittsburgh. Since many of the meet-related activities seem to be planned in the downtown area, I figured I should look for a place in that area; this is literally just on the other side of the Fort Pitt Tunnel from downtown, maybe a five-minute drive from downtown even if the “Parkway West” (the part of Interstate 279 west of downtown, so-called because it’s part of the western half of the Penn-Lincoln Parkway) is moving slowly.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got time for tonight.