News and Notes

« Thu.07.08.1999 »

It has been a while. I really enjoyed the week off from Arbor -- damn, did I ever need it. I return there later today, but at least through the weekend, it won't be bad. Next week, however, could be another story, as the store's "reset" to a CVS store begins Monday, and they think I'm working six days. Screw that; I'm just going to tell them there's no way I can work Monday and Wednesday of next week, thereby preserving my sanity. Just four days a week -- maybe five one week -- until August 5, when the Job From Hell will be a thing of the past.

I did two bus shifts last weekend, and I'm doing another one tomorrow -- Northwood, from 2:00pm to 7:10pm. I'm going to try to get a Commuter run next Friday, to find out how that route goes. I can hardly wait until I'm driving 3-4 days a week through most of August -- screw whatever my parents are telling me about how I can't work in Ann Arbor during the summer. My car's fine -- so give me a break.