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7:08 pm EDT        67°F (19°C) in Sawyer, MI

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At the moment, I’m about to try eating dinner for the night — it remains to be seen if it will cause me any more problems. So far today, I’ve managed to avoid any kind of huge diarrhea attack, so that’s a good sign. I do still have a bit of pain, but even that’s not nearly as bad as yesterday, much less Friday.

I tried a little something different last night: instead of waiting for the diarrhea attack to start before I took Imodium, I decided to make a sort of “pre-emptive strike” and take it about two hours after eating. This seems to have reduced the pain and kept the diarrhea from coming back, and I will probably do it again after this meal.

Well, once I do that, I’m off to Grand Rapids to deliver this load tomorrow afternoon. After that, I should be headed home.