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1:07 am EDT        66°F (19°C) in Maybrook, NY

Calendar of Updates

As usual, I've let far too much time pass between updates again. Most of the major happenings since my last update all occurred last week; I arrived home in mid-afternoon on Tuesday, deciding to put the truck in the nearest Freightliner dealership — AGAIN — for a still-inoperable sleeper A/C blower. I figured I might as well have them fix it while I was going to be at home. This time — knock on the fake wood-grain trim on my dashboard — it appears to be working for more than two days.

Additionally, I went into court Wednesday morning for what was supposed to be the trial date in my creditor lawsuit. However, as the bailiff was taking names, he informed me that my matter had been adjourned at the plaintiff's request, likely because my bankruptcy filing had been made two days before. The way I understand it, their having asked to adjourn rather than dismiss was basically a way of covering their own asses in the event I later went into bankruptcy court and asked that my bankruptcy petition be dismissed. However, in any case, it looks like the lawsuit is over and done with.

I'd write more, but my brain has been fried by the exceedingly long day (and insufficient sleep preceding it), so I'm off to bed.