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12:26 am EDT        65°F (18°C) in Perrysburg, OH

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I am on my way toward Buffalo, NY with my current load; it picked up yesterday afternoon on the outer fringes of the Chicago metropolitan area, and I’m stopped here for the night at this point. I am figuring on being in Buffalo late tonight.

I don’t have a ton of other news to report, but I do have an update on the job situation to pass along. When I called the hiring manager the other day, he told me that the next step in the process is to conduct a face-to-face interview. He told me to let him know once I could establish where I would be able to have a couple hours free; so once I was able to figure out how this trip would look, I called him to suggest a meeting here in the Toledo area this afternoon. About five hours ago, he got back to me saying he would be here at 1:00 pm EDT this afternoon.

I’m hoping there’s not too much more between me and getting this job. As I learned the other day, during the aforementioned phone call, my gross salary would be virtually doubled by taking this new job — I could be grossing over $60,000 per year if everything works right. Granted, it sounds as though I’ll be working five 12-hour days per week to pull that off, but then again, I’m easily putting in more than 40 hours of actual work each week in an over-the-road job. I’m not sure why I didn’t try to do this two years ago.

Well, I’m keeping this update short, just like the last one, but maybe I’ll be back to my old long-winded, controversial self once I’m not trying to juggle ten things at once. Cross your fingers for me on this interview, and I’ll be back to see you all later.