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Last night, as I was going through the blogs I read regularly, I ran across two mentions of yet more right-wing depravity hiding behind the cloak of "Christianity." Rev. Bill Banuchi, the executive director of the "Christian" Coalition of New York, seemed to suggest over the weekend that gay and lesbian people ought to be forced to wear "warning labels" such as those found on packs of cigarettes. "We put warning labels on cigarette packs because we know that smoking takes one to two years off the average life span, yet we 'celebrate' a lifestyle that we know spreads every kind of sexually transmitted disease and takes at least 20 years off the average life span according to the 2005 issue of the revered scientific journal Psychological Reports," said Banuchi.

I must point out that Banuchi is citing at least two sources that are well-known to be, well, not exactly scientific: Psychological Reports is widely ignored within the educated mainstream psychological community for its faulty research, and this study quoted in that journal was conducted by people who had a vested interest in ensuring they got a certain result — namely, the so-called "Family 'Research' Council." (That is to say, when you already have a strong personal bias toward one possible result before you start a "study," as the notoriously anti-gay FRC does, you will do anything you can to ensure that you get the result you desired.)

Welcome to Nazi AmeriKKKa. The swastikas will soon take their rightful place atop our government buildings, replacing the Stars and Stripes that once gloriously stood for universal freedom. Those who do not place their right hand over their hearts, with elbow extended to the side, and proceed to extend the arm while shouting "Heil Bush! Falwell ist der Führer!," will shortly be dragged off to prison camps, where they will be summarily executed by the hundreds. Ein heterosexuell Volk, ein vierzig-drittes Reich von Bush, ein Führer! (One heterosexual people, one 43rd Reich of Bush, one Leader!) seems to be the battle cry of today's United States of AmeriKKKa.

You think I'm kidding or making this shit up? Wake up, dumbfucks. The original Führer himself, Adolf Hitler, did exactly what Banuchi has suggested — under Nazi rule of Germany, gay people were forced to wear inverted pink triangles on their clothing, in the same way that Jews were made to wear yellow Star-of-David-shaped patches. (This is how the pink triangle later became a symbol for American gays and lesbians; it was adopted in memory of the roughly one million GLBT people known to have been slaughtered by Hitler.) The so-called "Christian right" (which, in truth, is neither Christian nor right) will not stop until not only the United States, but the entire world, is homosexuellenfrei (literally 'gay-free,' which means when they've killed all of us). Be on your guard, people; the right-wing's Kristallnacht will come sooner than you think.

Lately, I've also been starting to see just how stupid society truly is when it comes to understanding differences. Last week, I was listening to the John McMullen Show on the OutQ (gay-oriented) channel on my Sirius radio; one of McMullen's guests that evening was Lara Honos-Webb, the author of The Gift of ADHD: How to Transform Your Child's Problems into Strengths. As the conversation went on, I came to realize the huge extent to which society and even mainstream medicine tend to pathologize things that are really nothing more than natural differences of thought, desire, or brain activity. That is to say, we tend to think that ADHD is an "illness" that has to be "treated" by putting children on Ritalin or Adderall, when in reality the child is not ill; he/she simply functions at a different speed than people without ADHD.

Granted, this different speed of mental functions often manifests itself in behavior that teachers may consider disruptive. I am fully aware that this can cause problems in a class environment, but the problem is not based on willful behavior on the child's part; he/she simply cannot function well in the exceedingly structured environment of a regular classroom. Ms. Honos-Webb even went so far as to suggest special learning environments for ADHD children, featuring much more hands-on experience and less emphasis on the structure in which the learning takes place.

This is a topic that is near and dear to me because I honestly believe I have a mild form of ADD. I can't say that I'm particularly hyperactive (and frankly, my gut gives me away on that wink), but I always seem to be bouncing from one uncompleted thought to the next. I suppose a lack of time or creative "mojo" could also cause this, but I have seemed to take forever completing some of the things I have wanted to do with this site; for example, I completed "How Do I Know If I'm Gay?" in all of six hours one evening, but it took me many nights of work over almost three months to finish my most recent work, "8 Simple Rules for Straight Young Men." It seems that most of the time, I can't find the desire to work on things, but when a burst of energy hits me, look out — I'll churn out stuff like you wouldn't believe. Again, I don't know if this is ADD or something else, but I haven't really found any other plausible explanations.

Expanding on this a bit, there are still large segments of society that want to do the same thing with homosexuality. Although decades of research and real-world experience have proven otherwise, people like to try to pathologize homosexuality and say it's an "abnormal" "illness" that needs to be "treated" or "cured." It is inconceivable to me that, with all of this modern technology and scientific knowledge, we still can't figure out that naturally-occurring differences in people are not something with which to pathologize them as being mentally ill. Honestly, I have to wonder if stupidity and prejudice are mental illnesses, or should be.

Then again, I think stupidity, prejudice, and lack of understanding are much like ADHD and homosexuality in one regard: they are naturally occurring, if not necessarily hugely desirable, parts of the human condition. The undesirability of so many parts of our human status, I think, is the best argument that exists against the idea of "intelligent design" and the myth of creationism. Surely an intelligent Designer or Creator would not have created humans with literally thousands of undesirable aspects to their humanity, whether mental, physical, or otherwise. (That is, unless he's some kind of lunatic sadistic motherfucker who gets his jollies from observing our foibles, follies, and failures — a notion that goes completely against the Christian idea of God.)

(The human male body makes the perfect physical argument to disprove "intelligent design." Forcing sexual fluids to share the same exit path from the body as urine, which is highly toxic to sperm, sure doesn't seem all that intelligent to me. Furthermore, a baby boy's testicles don't develop in his groin area; they develop in the chest, and then must travel down through the inguinal canal to reach the groin. Not only does this process sometimes fail — a condition called undescended testicles, which causes infertility — but even if it's successful, the inguinal canal does not close itself up afterwards. Later on in life, the intestines can slip into the inguinal canal and become trapped (this is called a hernia); intestinal tissues can become strangled and eventually die, causing at best severe pain and at worst death. Real intelligent design, huh?)

Well, I'd better make use of the roughly five hours of remaining daylight to put some super-slab behind me this evening. I'm going to get soaked by some thunderstorms as I head west and then south toward a delivery in Georgia tomorrow.

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