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3:09 pm EDT        76°F (24°C) in Mechanicsburg, PA

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After more than a month, I have returned to the road. On Monday evening, the company rented me a blue 2006 Chevrolet Impala (with plates from Minny Soda, eh? yah wink) from Detroit Metro Airport and directed me to head across the state to Grand Rapids with it; they had a truck that had been more or less abandoned by a previous driver just sitting up there. Finding that the batteries were dead when I arrived there, I saw that there was a Travelodge motel literally next door to the parking lot where I found the truck, and I paid $55 for a room there for the night.

After getting a jump on Tuesday afternoon, I was told to pick up a load in southwestern Michigan and take it to the company’s Columbus, OH terminal, where I would find the truck I have now taken over on a permanent basis. Yesterday, I turned in the truck I had retrieved from Grand Rapids, which lacked working air conditioning — yeah, it was a lot of fun driving that one around on a roughly 83°F (28°C) day. (Not to mention that it absolutely reeked of cigarette smoke, which is probably what caused the exploding sinuses I have had the last couple days.)

Lately, there have been more signs that patriotic Americans everywhere are finally starting to catch on to the moral bankruptcy of the Christofascist agenda. The Federal Hate Bigotry Fag-Bashing “Marriage” Amendment has gone down in flames again in the Senate, falling some 11 votes short of the margin needed to invoke cloture and end debate. Of course, that’s not going to stop the Satan-inspired Rethuglican bigots in the House from bringing it up for an utterly meaningless vote in a couple weeks, so they can pander to the tiny but politically active minority of so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” (who, in truth, are anything but Christian) in their districts. Also, this past Tuesday, Roy Moore, who is perhaps best known as the “Ten Commandments” wingnut judge from Alabama, totally got his ass handed to him in that state’s Rethuglican gubernatorial primary.

These two news items from this week show how Americans are finally starting to wake up and reject the Christofascist terrorist agenda. The fact that Moore, a hero to so-called “Christians” as recently as two years ago, could barely manage one-third of even a 100% Rethuglican electorate, shows quite clearly that Americans reject the extreme “fundamentalist” notion that “America is a Christian nation” governed by the Bible instead of the Constitution. Thankfully, Americans are wising up to the reality that if so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” are not forcefully stopped, this country will become another Iran or Saudi Arabia.

Of course, we defenders of equality, freedom, and the Constitution still have a long way to go, as evidenced by another Tuesday vote in Alabama: the 80%-20% vote to put FAGGOTS ARE THIRD-CLASS CITIZENS into the state constitution. So-called “Christian” lies and propaganda no doubt played a big role in convincing Alabamians to vote the way they did, as evidenced by this quote (taken from the page at the above link) by ignorant 32-year-old Joseph Rembert, Jr., of Montgomery: “I’m all man, so I ain’t got nothing to do with that. I go by what the Bible says [sic] — man and woman,” and we have to redouble our efforts to spread the truth that there is nothing “anti-family” about gay people and homosexuality.

(Note: I put the [sic] into Rembert’s quote because he is spouting bullshit there — the Bible says nothing at all about marriage being restricted to heterosexuals, as Mark 10:6-9 is a condemnation of divorce which says nothing about same-sex marriage. Additionally, just what the hell is Rembert trying to say with the “I’m all man” bit? Any human bearing a penis is “all man,” regardless of the gender for which said penis becomes erect.)

Furthermore, we really have our work cut out for us when even a broadcasting institution as esteemed as the BBC says that using the word “gay” pejoratively is not offensive to gay people. Oh, is that so? In that case, when my company does something stupid, or some idiot car driver cuts me off, or I hear some cell-phone ring tone I don’t like (ahem, BBC Radio One host Chris Moyles), it can’t possibly be offensive to African-Americans for me to say “that’s so black,” or to Hispanics for me to say “that’s so Mexican,” or to conservatives for me to say “that’s so Republican” — at least none of that could possibly be offensive under the BBC’s logic. The BBC Board of Governors needs to GET A FUCKING CLUE.

I’m waiting at the moment to get this truck into the company shop here; I need to have some weather-stripping replaced on one window, and I think I might have a serpentine belt or its idler pulley going bad. Oh well, the company seems to have hired an amazingly cute blond young mechanic since my last visit here, so I’ll just have to kill the time with naughty thoughts of what I might like to do with him while they work on the truck. smile