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5:02 am EDT        60°F (16°C) in Waddy, KY

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I’m now headed toward northern Virginia, specifically the Washington, DC “exurb” of Manassas, with my next load. I’m a little bit surprised they’re actually going to take this load on Monday, when just about everybody else has the day off, but whatever — I’ll deliver it whenever they want it.

I seriously don’t even know why I bothered to vote last November anymore. I thought the Democrats would have learned something from the mandate the American people gave them to end the war, but we have come to find out this week that we would have been just as well off voting to keep Rethuglicans in the majority. Cowering in fear of Rethuglican attack ads, they voted to strip the latest Iraq oil “war” supplemental funding bill of any timetables or other requirements to end this disastrous charade. The lack of spines was most pronounced in the Senate, where only 10 of the 49 Democrats (along with Democratic-aligned independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and three semi-sane Republicans) voted to actually support our troops by bringing them home.



You are both traitors who have just decided to preserve our highly successful recruiting efforts for al-Qaeda. As Iraq grows more deadly by the day, you have now assumed moral culpability for the deaths of Michigan soldiers — and I will be doing everything I can to make goddamn fucking sure that Michigan voters know about it. There really is no difference between you two and Rethuglicans.

I mean, seriously, Debbie Stabenow, you were elected to the Senate to represent THE WHOLE FUCKING STATE, not just the raving war-crazed lunatics in Ottawa County. We sent you back to Washington last fall to do your part in bringing this disastrous mistake to an end, not to do exactly what your opponent Michael Bouchard would have done. Now we find out that a vote for you basically was a vote for Bouchard. I have half a mind to hand your ass to you in the primary in 2012 — if I’m still in Michigan by then, that’ll be the first time I’ll be old enough to run for one of the state’s Senate seats.

Unfortunately, next year when Carl Levin is up, I’ll still only be 28 and therefore too young (the Constitution stipulates that Senators must be at least 30). He deserves a primary challenge just as much as Stabenow, though, and any primary opponent to Levin has now earned my vote. Levin may have been a decent Senator for the 1970s, when he was first elected; but his positions on a number of issues, especially his repeated shilling for the backward-looking American auto industry, has left him so painfully behind the times that he really ought to be put out to pasture. If he is the Democratic nominee for the Senate from Michigan in 2008, I’ll either sit it out or write myself in again, like I did in the 2006 gubernatorial election — not giving a shit that I would be constitutionally ineligible to hold either office. (Michigan governors must also be 30, according to our state constitution.)

Given the hour, I sort of have to make this update a little bit of a “hit-and-run” compared to some of my more recent longer updates. Enjoy your Memorial Day, and I’ll probably be back after the holiday.