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There are many reasons why I left the Catholic Church not long after I was no longer constantly under my parents' finger, and an event from earlier this week merely served to confirm what I knew years ago. This story comes from Montgomery, AL, and reveals a triple dose of hypocrisy on the part of Catholic leaders.

Alysha Cosby, 18 and a senior at Montgomery's St. Jude Catholic Academy, was told by St. Jude administrators in March that she would have to complete her diploma work at home, and that she would not be permitted to walk across the stage at the school's graduation this past Tuesday (May 17). You would think that such a punishment must have stemmed from a serious, grave misdeed, such as beating a classmate to a bloody pulp or sneaking poison into a teacher's cup of coffee, but Alysha, a student with a 3.5 GPA, didn't do any of that. What was her sin, you might ask? She slept with a male student at the school, another senior, over the school's Christmas break (or so I am guessing, based on the report that she is currently at 20 weeks), and discovered she was pregnant from the encounter in February.

Mind you, this obviously didn't happen on school grounds. Considering the timing, it probably happened at the home of one of the two students. Yet here we have "Catholic" leaders, who should be preaching Jesus' message of forgiveness, tolerance, and compassion, exerting complete control over every aspect of their students' lives, even off-campus! To top that off, as I mentioned in the first paragraph of this update, these school administrators at St. Jude showed their true hypocritical colors in not only one, not even two, but at least three different ways. (Perhaps it is appropriate that the school is named for St. Jude, who is the patron saint of hopeless causes — in this case, we have administrators who are hopelessly brain-dead.)

The first, and perhaps most obvious, of these hypocrisies stems from the fact that nobody stopped to consider the real-world implications of the school's actions. What happens when the next young lady at St. Jude gets pregnant? She's going to say to herself, "hmmm … I remember what happened to that Alysha girl … oh my God, my parents would die if I didn't get to walk at graduation … I guess I'd better go down to Planned Parenthood." Without even thinking about it, St. Jude administrators have implicitly encouraged the next pregnant girl to seek an abortion. Wait a minute … last I checked, Catholics had an even bigger hissy-fit about abortion than they did about teenage pregnancy. So what's it gonna be, folks? You preach one thing, and then act based on its diametrical opposite. Maybe if you Catholics would actually open your Bible instead of thumping it, you'd see that Jesus fiercely condemns hypocrisy, and outlines the horrific punishments hypocrites will receive, in Matthew 23:13-33.

What is perhaps even worse are the implications this action has on young men at St. Jude. The father of Alysha's child was allowed to walk across the stage to receive his diploma, just like every other student minus Alysha. The fact that he received no punishment at all from the school is a tacit "attaboy!" and pat on the back. This action only serves to reinforce the notion among young men that a woman's vagina exists for the sole purpose of providing him pleasure and release, and that once he has obtained said release, he no longer has much use for her. So she got knocked up when I fucked her? Hey, that's her problem. I don't have to go to the OB/GYN; I'm not gonna have to puke every morning for at least a few months; and I don't have to go through the excruciating pain of pushing a ten-centimeter baby head through a vagina whose diameter is a mere 3 cm.

It sounds sickening, but this is precisely the attitude that young men are being taught (and having reinforced by actions such as those taken by St. Jude) today. Perhaps a little forced anal sodomy with a baseball would give boys with such idiotic attitudes an idea what they are putting the girl through, and convince them to (at the very least) wrap their tools or seek other lower-pregnancy-risk ways to get off, like masturbation or oral sex. "But wait a minute, sodomy is only for those hell-bound mortal-sinning sodomite faggots, and we 'good Catholics' can't do that … we'll just have to let the boys go, and if they knock up some girl? Oh well, no big deal."

That point segues quite well into the third great hypocrisy of this whole series of events. Despite talking the talk about having great respect for women on Mother's Day or on holy days associated with the Virgin Mary, the Catholic Church remains an instrument by which women are subjugated to and dominated by men. By forcing Alysha to complete her studies at home and not even slapping the boy on the wrist, the administrators of St. Jude just further reinforced this sick, twisted notion. Of course, given what I wrote about on January 7 and January 17 of this year, that shouldn't come as any surprise.

I am glad to report that there is a happy ending to this story, though. In defiance of the school's order, Alysha, her mother, and an aunt went to the ceremony anyway, and sat near the back of the auditorium. As the last few graduates were being called (those of you whose last name starts with "Z" know exactly what I'm talking about wink), Alysha quietly snuck toward the front of the auditorium, completely undetected until she walked up onto the stage. At this point, she announced her own name and walked across the stage — to THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE from her classmates! This reaction from the student body must have mortified the hypocrite administrators so much that they had Montgomery police officers arrest Alysha's mother and aunt, and escort them out of the auditorium, shortly thereafter. In any case, Alysha plans to attend a community college in the fall, even in spite of being due in late September. She deserves a great big "You go, girl!", in my opinion.

Like many of my fellow GLBT people, I have been wondering if and when the well-known dating site would ever start matching gay couples. Well, according to an article in yesterday's USA Today, don't hold your breath: the site's founder, Neil Clark Warren, is a personal friend of well-known Satanist James Dobson, and has appeared numerous times on Dobson's radio program. Additionally, Dobson's anti-Christian hate organization "Focus on the Family" has published three of Warren's books on love and relationships. Warren himself offered this cop-out in the article, using homophobia-protection laws and (un)constitutional amendments as an excuse: "[I] don't know enough about gay and lesbian relationships to do same-sex matching … We don't really want to participate in something that's illegal." Bullshit, Neil. Be a man about it and admit that you hate fags just as much as your buddy Dobson.

I have to go about 150 miles across Kansas to get my next load, after this one is unloaded. I'll be taking that one to Georgia, then getting another load in Georgia and heading back home. I've got the Greyhound bus ticket all set up for my trip to Louisville to pick up my car, so that'll be done by this time next week. Ta-ta for now.