News and Notes

« Wed.05.12.1999 »

Got my summer job today -- I'll be working at the Arbor Drugs store on Telegraph, near my house. I start a week from today.

I will also begin the bus training tomorrow. The only bad part about that is that I need to get up around 5:45 am tomorrow, since I have to make it out to Ann Arbor by 7:00 am.

I'm planning on going to CC's final track meet of the year next Monday, against U-D Jesuit, at Ladywood. Of course, neither the Cubs nor the Shamrocks can win the division title, as I had hoped one of them would have to win Monday to do. Brother Rice came from absolutely nowhere last year to take this year's title; if they beat De La Salle next Monday, they will post the first undefeated season in the division since CC back in 1997. I noted recently that it's kind of unfortunate that the days where CC pasted every league rival 95 to 30-something are over; but on the up side, there's a lot more parity in the league today than a few years ago. No team this year has scored more than 89 points in any meet, and only twice has a team achieved 78 or more points. Clearly, when the losing teams are scoring at least 50 points per meet, you know it's close; I'm sure a lot of meets this year have gone down to at least the 2-mile, if not the 4x400, before one team clearly wins.