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4:06 pm EDT        71°F (22°C) in Binghamton, NY

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Mmmm … Vicodin … sleepy, doped, and bored Larry … wink Yeah, I’m still fighting off a little bit of pain from the surgery, not a ton, but just enough to still be bothersome. Two Vicodin tablets at a time is probably overkill, or at least will be overkill by tomorrow, so maybe I’ll experiment with knocking my dosage down to one. The goal, obviously, is to be able to get completely off Vicodin as soon as possible, so that I can begin driving again — bearing in mind that I’ll have to be at the point where getting bounced around while wearing a seat belt across the operated-upon area does not hurt.

Obviously, I also have to get through the issues I’m currently having with loose stools, another common side effect of an appendectomy. I wouldn’t call it diarrhea in the strict sense, because it’s not a highly acidic and stinky liquid, but it does fairly closely resemble unground coffee beans in appearance. That’s just a sign that my intestines have yet to regain full strength after having been weakened by being operated upon, and the more I keep moving around and eating, that’s eventually going to go away. The thing is that until it does, driving is problematic because one can easily find oneself 45 minutes away from the next restroom with running water and truck parking.

For now, I am mostly just killing time by doing a shitload of editing on Wikipedia, and trying to find other things to do. I’m hoping that by Friday or thereabouts, I will be able to be off the Vicodin and back to driving again. I’m betting I’ll be back here at least one more time before then …