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« Wed.05.05.1999 »

Today is my "sleep-in-late-and-do-nothing-at-all" day. Won't get too many more of those.

It seems as if my mother's side of the family is very divided on the subject of my grandparents' upcoming move to North Carolina -- I won't go into any more specifics than that.

I went to CC's track meet against Divine Child on Monday. It was a 70½-57½ victory for CC, but it didn't come without a little cheating on DC coach Brian Dziadzio's part. He had the mile winner, CC's Dan Jess, disqualified, because his own second-place runner fell -- no elbows, no trips, nothing. CC coach Tony Magni, who usually has nothing but respect for opposing coaches, nearly lost it with Dziadzio, saying, "Brian, I've seen a lot of stupid crap in my years as a coach, but what you just did really takes the cake." Later, in the 400m race, Dziadzio had two of his runners play games with the starter's commands. Poor 88-year-old Kermit Ambrose; as the starter, he had to put up with all of that crap. Of course, Dziadzio is gaining a reputation for trying to win track meets by mind games, rather than what happens on the track.