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7:43 am EDT        50°F (10°C) in Kirkwood, NY

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Je suis arrivé. I don’t know how the hell I pulled it off with all the physical shit I’ve had to put up with this week, but I have made it to my delivery here. Just several hours after my last update, I started having terrible nausea and diarrhea for some reason, and that lasted for a good bit of Sunday morning. It took a double dose of Imodium A/D, and so many Tums tablets I lost count, to even allow me to sleep at all on Sunday; finally, by late evening, I was able to at least take off and drive, if not eat.

Eating generally proved problematic for most of Sunday and Monday, as I would get terrible cramps; those finally started to disappear by late Monday night. Still, I have had some trouble all week with recurring late-night stomach pains, and even this morning, I can still feel some bloating going on. I tell you what: if this shit kills me, you all will be the first to know. wink

That’s really about all the news from me lately. I could ramble on about something else, but I’m really just too damn tired to function at this point.