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1:19 am EDT        35°F (2°C) in Ishpeming, MI

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As you can see, I have arrived in "Da U.P." for my home time, which will last through Sunday. Over the next few days, I'll be doing a bit of getting around all over the U.P., but also getting quite a bit of rest. Trust me, I need it.

In my last few updates, I have pointed out the evil and hypocritical side of organized Christianity. In the interest of fairness, I must mention my experience from this morning. The delivery I made to get up here was at the Salvatorian Mission Center in New Holstein, WI, a small town located in east-central Wisconsin approximately 40 miles south of Green Bay. The Salvatorians (also known as the Servants of the Divine Savior, hence their acronym SDS) run missions in many parts of the developing world, including Central America, Africa, and southeast Asia, distributing food and medical supplies to the needy people in these areas. Much of what they distribute is donated free of charge by companies such as Schering-Plough, Lands' End, and Hershey Foods — in fact, I was hauling a Hershey Foods load. All of their non-ordained workers, both in New Holstein and around the world, are volunteers, and 99½% of the cash donations they receive, according to their figures, go directly to storage, transportation, and distribution costs. I learned that the man who unloaded my trailer had been a highly-paid engineer, but left that after several years to volunteer as a lay worker at that Salvatorian warehouse.

This, my friends, is what Christianity is REALLY all about. These were people that didn't bother to preach about how evil the wackos claim homosexuality is, or make hypocritical judgments based on some twisted idea of "morality." Instead, they simply went about the task of doing their part to make the world a better place for those less fortunate. It was heartening to see the attitude they had, and it was a reminder to me that there still are good, true Christians out there who haven't been poisoned by Pat Robert-satan and Jerry Fool-well. I am proud to give props to the Salvatorians here, and if this site should by some twist of fate cause somebody to donate to them, all the better.

In other news, I have taken a fair number of road pictures in the last few days; many of these are from the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Indiana Toll Road. As I do some things on the site this week, I will add some of these to the Photography section of the site.