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« Sat.04.24.1999 »

Four more days here, then I move out. Woo hoo! It's been a hell of a week. I finally have been able to catch up on some sleep, so I'm no longer in a constant half-zombied state. Two big papers -- one in French, the other a team paper in Engin 100 -- have been completed and turned in, and hopefully have already received the A's they'd better be getting. Two exams coming up -- Math 215 on Monday, which I will fail, and Engin 100 on Tuesday, which I should pass. Frankly, Lou's father said it best as he helped Lou move out today: "It's been a really long eight or nine months for most of you guys." I wanted to scream "NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!", but I figured that wasn't the best thing to say in front of a friend's parents.

The fire alarms went off in the middle of the night here at Bursley, but this time, there was a half-decent reason. Raw sewage backed up in the pipes, and took over half of 4th Douglas and part of 4605 Lewis, so they figured that they needed to evacuate the entire building at 4:20 am. After about 20 minutes, they let us back in, and by this morning, the problem had disappeared for the most part. The last time the alarm went off, back in February, it was just some idiot who decided that a burning Pop-Tart in her toaster constituted an emergency worthy of evacuating the west side of Bursley at 5:35 am.

It looks like I will get the bus job next year. The next step in the process, according to my training coordinator Anna Tobias, is to undergo a physical exam, then procure my CDL. Shouldn't be too much of a problem for somebody who scored 39 of 40 on the first try on his operator's license test.