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3:16 am EDT        33°F (1°C) in Indianapolis, IN

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Un-f'in-real. That's all I can say about the weather here in Indianapolis, as well as in much of the Great Lakes and mid-Appalachian regions tonight. In particular, my folks back in southeastern Michigan are going to get hammered with as much as 8" of snow. This is almost exactly at the center of an area roughly bounded by Sault Ste. Marie, MI; Chicago, IL; Asheville, NC; and Clarion, PA that is getting snow at this hour — on April friggin' twenty-fourth. Unbelievable.

In any case, today is the day on which the Repub-a-dub-dubs and the so-called "Christian right" (which, in truth, is neither Christian nor right) make absolute asses of themselves during an all-day telecast. Hopefully, the rest of America will finally wake up to the fact that these people will not be satisfied until all the faggots, niggers, slant-eyes, rag-heads, skull-cappers, and liberals are dead, and women are forced to (a) conceal everything but their eyes and (b) carry babies conceived via rape or incest all the way to term. (I use the slurs instead of "proper" terms to illustrate these idiots' line of reasoning.)

Yes, that's right, today is Injustice Sunday. A number of the anti-democratic, anti-American radicals, such as Sen. Bill Frist (R-Tennessee) and Supreme Injustice Antonin Scalia (yes, that's his proper title), will feature prominently in the day's goings-on. I honestly think I've said enough here in the past about the satanic nature of these types, but I must comment on one thing. For people who are committed to completely wiping gay people off the face of the earth, they sure picked a damn cute twink boi for their ads, as seen here:

Can you say "too cute to be straight"? wink (Not to mention the obvious, and poor-quality, Photoshopping job some hack did to insert the Bible and gavel in his hands.) Oh, and before I forget, serving the public by protecting the basic fundamental rights and human dignity of gay people, racial/ethnic minorities, and women, is completely compatible with TRUE faith in Christ — but that indisputable fact doesn't suit the whims of the radical religionists. "Injustice Sunday — The filibuster against people hell-bent on destroying America."

I saw a hilarious bumper sticker on a car earlier today, while I was driving on westbound Interstate 70 in rural Licking County, Ohio. It took me about ten seconds after seeing it to almost piss my pants laughing (figuratively — don't be a pervert and read it literally), mostly because I had to do a little mental language translation to figure it out. The sticker read "Fermez la Bush" in white lettering on a purple background. Having some fluency in French, I immediately realized the first word was a command to close something, but the Bush didn't make sense at first. A split-second later, I saw a Kerry/Edwards sticker from last year's election on the same bumper, a few feet to the left. Finally, it occurred to me that "Bush" was a play on the French word bouche (pronounced "BOOSH"), which means mouth. One would say "fermez la bouche" to tell somebody to shut up in French, so I can only figure the person wanted Bush to shut up — which would be a good thing for all of humankind. smile

Well, to use a little more French, bonne nuit, mes amis.