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You may remember how in my last update from Wednesday evening, I mentioned how my creative fire wasn’t burning too well. Well, that’s changed — it’s burning nuclear fucking hot now after picking up the following story, courtesy of AMERICAblog.

Fifteen days ago, on April 6, the 51-year-old senior producer of the weekend edition of the CBS Evening News, Richard Jefferson, and a 25-year-old friend of his who works for the CBS news program 48 Hours, Ryan Smith, were brutally gay-bashed by six people, one of whom wielded a pipe wrench, outside a bar in the Dutch territory of St. Maarten. For those not familiar with it, St. Maarten is actually the Dutch half of a Caribbean island located roughly 200 miles (320 km) east-southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rico, or just slightly over 1,200 miles (about 1,950 km) southeast of Miami, FL; as one of the many islands in the Netherlands Antilles, it is considered to be a territory of the Netherlands, something like American states would be with respect to the U.S.. (The other half of the island is a French possession called St-Martin.)

Such gay-bashings can happen almost anywhere, and they are obviously not strictly confined to St. Maarten by any means. However, what was different about this gay-bashing is that St. Maarten police refused to respond to it despite several calls from both Jefferson and uninvolved eyewitnesses. In fact, according to this video from WFOR-TV (Miami’s CBS affiliate, on channel 4), officials in St. Maarten even refused to admit that any beating had taken place until Jefferson went back down to the island!

It gets even worse than that. A local newspaper called simply Today published this absolutely outrageous editorial that would make even Matthew Shepard’s killers blush in its April 11 edition. Today blamed the victims for the attack, saying they “offended the St. Martin locals” (they used an Anglicized spelling of the island’s name) by “gussying over each other,” and saying “we don't know what [they] might have been drinking or ingesting before the unfortunate incident,” as if that had anything at all to do with it.

Is that enough for you already? I sure hope not, because the editorial from Today gets even more satanically evil. It talks about how, when they were asked to leave the bar after harassing Jefferson, Smith, and Smith’s boyfriend Justin Swensen, the eventual attackers “glared at the gay men, who have also been known as faggots, homos, homosexuals and other names that won't go into this ‘family newspaper’ [sic].” I had to add the single quotes and the [sic] there because the fucking shit-for-brains monkeys who wrote this editorial actually do have that much nerve, to claim that the words “faggots” and “homos” have any place at all in a “family newspaper.” If these assholes had even the first inkling of a clue, they would realize that those words have no place not only in “family newspapers,” but anywhere in civilized society for that matter.

In fact, these primitive sub-human Satan-filled worthless wastes of skin, bones, and air even openly long for the days when it was A-OK to beat up gays:

Gay bashing has taken many forms over the decades. During and after World War II, it was considered common sport for military guys to let themselves be picked up by a faggot in a bar in Los Angeles or San Francisco. The one who was picked up would pretend to go along for the ride, only to turn around and beat up or rob the homo who picked him up, leaving him without wallet and sometimes teeth.

All that has changed, of course, largely due to American laws that are being spread around the world. Gay bashing is now a no-no. Slurs against homos, a no-no. And beating a person over the head for flagrant public behavior that once was considered criminal misconduct is a no-no.

GET A FUCKING CLUE, YOU IDIOTS! Gay bashing and “slurs against homos” are not “no-nos” because of “American laws being spread around the world.” They are hallmarks of primitive, pre-civilized Neanderthal societies like the one that obviously thrives in St. Maarten (and for that matter, throughout much of the Caribbean, especially in Jamaica). Gay bashing, “slurs against homos,” and “beating a person over the head” are to be avoided if you want to show people that you’re not just a bunch of unevolved apes with skulls full of fecal matter. People who think otherwise simply do not deserve to live in a civilized society.

(As if all of the preceding printed cow dung isn’t enough, Today responded in its April 15 edition to a flood of angry letters generated from the April 11 piece, saying, “homosexuals have spun their tales to serve their own selfish interests” — as if it’s a “selfish interest” to be able to walk in public without fear of being beaten almost to death, as Ryan Smith was. With wording like that, what do you wanna bet Alan Keyes is on their editorial staff under a pseudonym?)

Lest you think the pure hate is merely confined to Today, a much larger island newspaper called The Daily Herald has been getting in on the act too. In multiple reports like this one from April 7 (scroll about halfway down), The Daily Herald has kept putting “gay bashing” and “brutal beating” in quotes, almost as if they are trying to suggest that this heinous crime never took place. (In fact, I suspect that’s why the story is halfway down that page, hidden below a description of a beach on the island — they’re hoping they can just make it all go away. In journalism, they call that “burying the lede.”)

Quite frankly, St. Maarten is lucky that I don’t control any levers of military power. I am all in favor of sending a few nuclear warheads down that way, and wiping out the entire island and all of the pre-human shit-for-brains monkeys who occupy it. I’m so angered by this that I’m way beyond just trying to kill off their tourism industry, the one thing they need to survive with no other real economic activity present — fuck ‘em, they can inhale plutonium for all I care. The island has effectively declared war on gay people through its actions, and if they want war, I will be more than happy to give it to them in any way I can. DEATH TO ST. MAARTEN!