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5:13 pm EDT        85°F (29°C) in Olive Branch, MS

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I’ll say, I sure as hell can’t complain about the weather here just outside Memphis. I also can’t complain that after a crazy first week back out on the road, I’m getting today off before I set out to the West Coast again tomorrow. I had an early-morning delivery just across the state line from here in Tennessee, and I have to go back up into Memphis tomorrow for my next pickup. That one will have five easy days to get all the way out to southern California; in all honesty, I might even try to get it there next Monday instead of Tuesday, which is the day it’s scheduled to be delivered.

I have to admit I really don’t have much else worth mentioning here this evening. The old creative fire just isn’t having one of its better days, but I bet it will be back for one reason or another before too long.