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12:24 am EDT        46°F (8°C) in Norfolk, NE

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This is the town that can't pronounce its own name. wink Just looking at the name, you would assume that it is pronounced NORR-fohk, like the large city in Virginia. However, in Nebraska, they somehow manage to come up with "NORR-fork," pronouncing the last syllable as if it were a dining utensil. I am told by a Nebraskan friend of mine that the town founders originally wanted to name the city North Fork, and some long-forgotten register of deeds proceeded to screw up the spelling into "Norfolk." The pronunciation is a vestige of the original intended name of the town.

(A much larger, well-known city in Ohio suffered the same fate as Norfolk. The man who founded the city that would go on to prove that you can, in fact, burn water, was named Moses Cleaveland. In the process of registering the city name with the then-territorial government of Ohio, somebody forgot the first A, and the Mistake by the Lake has been spelled "Cleveland" ever since.)

Other than that, it's basically been same old, same old for me. That's a good thing tonight, because I need to be awake in seven hours to deliver this load. I should have a lot more time on my hands over the weekend, as I will have three days and a few hours to get from here back to Georgia, so I'll try to make a longer, better update in a few days.