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« Tue.04.13.1999 »

Math 215 really sucks. I have determined this through a careful scientific study of how long I had to stay up last night to get the goddamn final lab assignment done. 2 am? Shit, my eyelids were lighter than feathers at 2 am. 2:30, you ask? HELL NO! True 215 warriors are up WAY past 2:30. 3 am, maybe? Let's just say that Pat had to print my Maple output at that time, since my Maple software was being gay. Could it have been 3:30? Nah, I was just starting the necessary drawing on the vector field plots at 3:30.

No, none of that pansy 3:30 am-in-bed stuff here. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears, I was up until 4:15 getting the motherfucker done. Back up at 10:45 this morning, for a grand total of six and a half hours of sleep, and boy, am I ever feeling like it.

Somebody I know really pissed me off today. I won't say who, but you can go on over to my friends page, and guess who's no longer there. Editor's note: Link removed February 11, 2004; it's been dead since 2000.

My CRISP date is tomorrow. I'd better not get screwed out of a spot in any class I want. If so, I'm going to be getting overrides like you wouldn't believe. Anybody who would deny me an override risks the wrath of the dead (because I still have the Necronomicon).

An interesting thing happened to me last Saturday. Long after the parents had concluded their day-long visit to A2, I was coming back from Baits at around 3 am. I needed to use the bathroom, so I went into the closest one to me, in 3rd Sanford. After concluding my business, I turned to leave the stall, and noticed a guy in another stall who appeared to be either dead or passed out. He was in such a position that it was obvious he had gotten drunk, puked -- possibly several times, and then passed out or died or whatever. So, I decided to make sure he wasn't dead. I took hold of his arm and shook him a few times; after about the fourth shake, he woke up. Being hung over, he needed a bit of help getting out of the bathroom and back out to the hallway. However, by the time he reached the hall, he had his bearings back enough that I was able to say "have a good night" and move along. That was the first time I had been part of such a scene, and I'm sure it won't be the last. It is the nature of college students, after all, to seek alcohol in the same way that bees seek pollen.