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4:01 am EDT        43°F (6°C) in Dexter, MI

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I’ve had quite a bit of stuff happen in the last week, but I’ve also wanted to leave my last update up because I felt it was an important one. I think I’ve dragged about as much time as I can out of it, though, and it’s time for a new one — only the third one in all of April so far.

After the delivery in St. Johns, MI, last Thursday night/Friday morning (during which I made the last update), I headed home. I actually took almost a day and a half to do so, wasting a good bit of Friday at the Flying J truck stop northwest of Lansing, and not actually getting back to the Detroit area until Saturday afternoon. My sister was flying back into Detroit Metro Airport from a “mock court” held last weekend at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ, so along with my mother, I drove her back to Ann Arbor from the airport.

Once there, she showed me how her computer was experiencing repeated “blue screen of death” errors, and I took a look at it. Said blue screens of death always said something about page faults, which immediately made me suspect memory, and I offered to take it home for further diagnosis. Simply removing one RAM chip from the bottom of the laptop got it working, so I put in an order on CompUSA’s web site for a replacement one, and picked that up and installed it on Sunday.

She wanted me to run the laptop back out to her on Monday, so in the afternoon, I went ahead and did that. After taking her and her boyfriend out shopping for a bit, I returned home, and that was about it for Monday. I’ve spent most of the last two days shopping (like any good gay boy wink) for some things I will eventually need for a future apartment; in fact, last night, I dropped almost $1,700 on a new TV and DVD player. I can’t remember the model number off the top of my head, as I’m not currently looking at it, but the TV is a 32” Samsung LCD flat-panel HDTV with dual HDMI inputs. In addition to TVs, I spent a fair bit of time looking at furniture, mostly beds and sofas and such.

I’d better be going; in the afternoon I have to run out to western Michigan to go pick up my first load back out, and take that one to upstate New York. From there, it will be back to the Syracuse area for a load headed to Tennessee. I may be out the better part of forever this time, for all I know.