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« Sat.04.03.1999 »

If I hadn't gotten screwed by the Ann Arbor Track Club and Tortoise & Hare, the Bursley Invitational track meet would have been held today. It would have been a warm day for a meet, with the temperature at meet time in the mid-70s, but like I said, people screwed me over. But, I went to Huron for a run anyway -- turns out I can't run 300s like I used to.

Not a whole lot happened this week. Pat is in California right now for the Frozen Four, and he won't be back until tomorrow evening. Scott and I went around causing some mischief last night, including a trip to the roof of the central part of Bursley, but other than that it's been pretty dead. Oh yeah, almost forgot: Still haven't been to AOSS 202 since the midterm.