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2:10 am EST        50°F (10°C) in Cordele, GA

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Somebody remind me that Waffle House, large amounts of Coca-Cola, and a day full of truck-related physical activities (in this case, too much dropping and hooking of trailers) don't mix. A few hours ago, I swore my insides were about to explode; some over-the-counter medications I carry in the truck are starting to return things to normal. This is just one of those deals where it can be said I ate my way into the problem; I'm definitely not sick or anything — it probably has to do with eating crap food like that served by the aforementioned icon of the South.

I haven't done a lot since my last update from a week ago; as usual, I've occupied much of my time with either driving or sleep. I did manage to do a couple interesting things on Saturday; I got the chance to meet a previously online-only friend of mine from the Atlanta area, and did dinner and an impromptu tour of Atlanta with him. Additionally, later that night, I set into effect a sinister plot I had hatched last Friday; in an attempt to embarrass the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation's great bastion of regressivism and bigotry, I went to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles web site and placed an order for a "souvenir" (i.e., non-vehicular) license plate that reads, "4GAYMRG" (for gay marriage). Though I haven't done it yet, I am also considering ordering two more: "H8S GAYS" (hates gays) and "IS4H8RS" (is for haters), both of which are intended to be read with the word "VIRGINIA" at the top of the plate included. Once these plates arrive, I will snap pictures of them, and post them here as well as e-mail copies to a few members of the Virginia General Assembly. They deserve the online embarrassment for being such a backward bunch of ignorant redneck gay-haters.

I should be bringing this to an end and getting to bed. I'm on my way to Florida for a delivery tomorrow night, after which I have no idea where I'll be going. I know I promised that "manifesto" post last week, but I really just haven't had the time to get around to it yet; I'll get around to that when I can.