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The so-called “‘religious’ right” just never learns. This time, it’s our old friends the Blowmen Craplicks, er, Roman Catholics, again displaying their total ignorance of reality and, in fact, making it clear that their war on America targets even straight people. With a hat tip to AMERICAblog’s John Aravosis, here’s the operative paragraph from an essay by Ronald G. Lee in the February issue of the New Oxford Review:

Here is the terrifying fact: If we as a nation and as a Church allow ourselves to be taken in by the scam of monogamous same-sex couples, we will be welcoming to our Communion rails (presuming that we still have Communion rails) not just the statistically insignificant number of same-sex couples who have lived together for more than a few years (most of whom purchased stability by jettisoning monogamy); we will also be legitimizing every kind of sexual taste, from old-fashioned masturbation and adultery to the most outlandish forms of sexual fetishism. We will, in other words, be giving our blessing to the suicide of Western civilization.

Oh man, there is so much red meat here for me to tear to bits that I don’t even know where to start. First, the phrases “scam of monogamous same-sex couples” and “most of whom purchased stability by jettisoning monogamy” are not only complete and total lies, but insulting to the millions of perfectly monogamous long-term committed gay couples in America.

I’d like to see this charlatan Ronald Lee say that to my old friend Tim and the man who is every bit Tim’s life-long husband, Rick, face-to-face. I bet he wouldn’t have the balls to do it, fearing he would get his ass kicked, even as much as multiple sclerosis and diabetes have physically weakened Tim. I’d also like to see Ronald Lee try to say that to a couple of my blogging acquaintances, Carsen and Benjamin, who have not “purchased stability by jettisoning monogamy” in the 4½ years they have known each other. Even with just about zero social life (thanks to the vagabond nature of trucking), I can still immediately name two gay couples I know who will do everything in their power to stay together “til death do us part.”

Even better yet, consider the phrase that begins with “we will also be legitimizing every kind of sexual taste …” and the sentence that follows it. In case you’re too dense to see it, Ronald Lee just said that masturbation is going to be the downfall of Western civilization. Yes, you read that right … masturbationsuicide of Western civilization. Can you see just how loony paranoid these people are?

This is where it becomes obvious that the Catholic war on bedrock American values like freedom is also aimed at straight people. I know all you straight boys out there masturbate — well, let’s put it this way, 99% of you admit to it and the other 1% are lying. wink Gay people are really just the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to the Catholic war on personal autonomy — we’re their most obvious target, but they are also working hard to destroy YOUR rights as straight people.

If Benny-16 (and the Jets) were truly following the example of Christ, he would be seeing to it that more hungry people were being fed. He would be seeing to it that social justice was being served all throughout the world. Instead, he and all Catholics are caught up in this anti-Christian war on personal sexual autonomy, and in the process, they are making their beds with Satan. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so on the day you are condemned to eternity in Hell.