News and Notes

« Fri.03.26.1999 »

Went to the Blind Pig with Scott and Pat to see Econoline Crush last night. A local band, Solid Frog, opened, and I managed to get one of their CDs for free. A staged scuffle up on stage resulted in the singer/guitarist's Detroit Lions scarf being thrown to the crowd, where I retrieved it. Later, after they had finished their set, he asked for the scarf back, and offered me a CD in return. Not being an idiot, I took his offer.

Of course, the Econoline Crush show kicked some major a$$, too. All I could manage to get from them, though, was autographs. Still cool -- just not something I can stick in a CD player whenever I feel like it.

A final note: I've been to so few classes this week, it's not even funny. Nothing at all on Monday; 1/2 hour late to Engin on Tuesday; skipped AOSS on Wednesday; nothing at all yesterday; and since it's 3:10 am as I write, I can't say anything about Friday yet. I do plan on at least going to French and 215 lectures tomorrow, but I'm thinking "screw AOSS"; I've been there twice since spring break, with one of those for an in-class midterm.