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10:41 pm EDT        68°F (20°C) in Corbin, KY

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Since there are apparently no loads headed up toward Michigan, I have little or nothing to do as I sit here in southeastern Kentucky. With nothing better to do, I think I’m going to launch into part 2 of my project to “live-blog” the documentary Jesus Camp. Part 1, and an explanation of the format I am using, can be found here.

22:2626:42: We head to Lees Summit, MO, near Kansas City, to meet the Binger family; we start with 10-year-old Tory (short for Victoria). We get about two minutes of a spiel from her before she goes into the kitchen of the family home for dinner. At 24:26, we learn that the “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” war on America extends to a complete theocratic redefinition of the Pledge of Allegiance — and we’re not just talking about whether “under God” is included in the normal Pledge. A sample: “I pledge allegiance to the ‘Christian’ flag, and to the Savior for which it stands …” Again, just like with the O’Briens’ Chihuahua earlier in the movie, one of the Bingers’ two basset hounds provides comic relief at 24:40, making a groan and a facial expression as if to say, “what morons!”

26:43: It’s off to Devils Lake, ND, and Becky Fischer’s three-day “Kids on Fire” camp at Lakewood Park Bible Camp, just southwest of the city. We get about 30 seconds of driving visuals and some on-screen explanations about the camp.

27:1828:32: Fischer and several other adults walk through the barn in which the meeting sessions of the upcoming camp will be held, praying as they go along. At first, she remembers that she’s being videotaped and therefore has to hide some of what she really thinks; accordingly, the prayer starts off reasonably enough, asking God to protect the people who will attend and open their hearts. After that, though, forgetting (a) that she’s on camera and (b) Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 6:24, Fischer puts mammon ahead of God by praying for electrical power, PowerPoint presentations, and microphones. God was no doubt taking note.

32:32: At least Fischer is honest about herself, and the parents who have dragged their children to the camp: “The devil goes after the young — those who cannot fend for themselves.” Thankfully, after the children grow up and realize the insanity that has been foisted upon them by the likes of Fischer, they reject it — statistics show that some 90% of “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” children leave the fold after even minimal exposure to the real world of truth. Fischer’s condemnation of the Harry Potter books, which immediately follows, is just one example of how these so-called “Christians” keep their children locked in a fantasy world.

33:28: The proof that all of this is forced upon the children, and not freely chosen, comes from Fischer: “We declare all these things over you.”

33:4935:26: Finally, the tactics that so-called “Christians” learned so well from the Nazis are exposed. In just the same way that Hitler, Goebbels, et al. questioned Germans’ patriotism to “the Fatherland” to whip them up into a frenzy from which they would do exactly what the Nazis wanted, Fischer questions the children’s faith, calling them “phonies” and “hypocrites.” An element of abject psychological torture is added by a young woman who moans loudly into a microphone in a semi-musical fashion.

It is a well-established fact that the best way to lead people to evil is to question their commitment to some virtue, as the Nazis did with patriotism and so-called “Christians” do with others’ faith. It causes the intended target of such questioning to feel that he/she must go to ever greater lengths to “prove” his/her commitment to the virtue in question. At this point, the victim will do anything his/her torturer tells him/her to do — whether that be to comply or even participate in the hunting and extermination of Jews, GLBT people, and Gypsies, or to vote for Christofascist terrorists hell-bent on imposing theocracy on the United States, or to deny the humanity and dignity of God’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children simply because of the way He made them — in order to show his/her commitment.

No matter what the victims of such questioning do, though, it’s never enough for the leaders. Over time, this leads to the creation of the most evil kind of people the world has ever seen — the likes of abortion-clinic bombers or those who murder doctors, or soldiers in the SS, or brain-dead morons who think it’s perfectly fine to “kill a queer for Christ,” as the old bumper sticker says. And yet they pass this Satanism off as somehow being “Christian”? Geez … up truly is down, and evil apparently is good, in the “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” worldview.

42:49: Fischer’s unhinged attack on Harry Potter clearly has gone in one ear and out the other for one boy, who admits at a meal, “I watch them at my dad’s.” Obviously, he is implying that his parents are divorced, and that his mother — with whom he apparently lives most of the time — is the so-called “Christian” among his parents. And somehow these so-called “Christians” think they have the right to lecture us, God’s beloved GLBT children, about marriage, when they have that kind of a failure rate? I might suggest that they open up chapter 23 of the Gospel of Matthew, but their “Bible” apparently only contains chapters 18 and 20 of Leviticus and some of the Pauline epistles.

48:4752:23: Here comes the proof that so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christianity’” is not at all about the worship of God or the service of His children, but is instead completely concerned with the pursuit of earthly power. Using coffee mugs to represent “corrupt government,” which to them means anything that isn’t a repressive theocracy of so-called “Christians” much like Saudi Arabia or Iran are in the Islamic world, one of the adults invites children to break the mugs with a hammer. At 50:47, we see a boy who is obviously very young, trembling and crying as Fischer yells over the top of more of the semi-musical moaning we heard earlier; despite the claims I’m sure they would make that “the Spirit is moving” or some such other bullshit, the boy is crying because he is scared almost shitless by the violence and will do anything to make it stop.

Tory Binger herself is in tears at 51:12, practically in a full temper tantrum as she just mindlessly repeats what she has heard the adults say. Following that, Fischer openly declares war on America at 51:52, intoning three times, “This means war!” I can almost see her light-brown long-sleeve shirt and khakis, complete with swastika arm-bands, as she asks the children, “Are you a part of it or not?” These children are clearly being indoctrinated to start World War III! Are we going to sit back and take it, or are we going to start fighting their designs on total world domination with everything we have?

55:06: “Fundamentalist ‘Christians’” show us who their true god is, as a cardboard cutout of His Fraudulency King Chimpy the 43rd, Der Führer of the 43rd Reich, is brought up to the stage. (We’ve actually left North Dakota now, and are back at Christ Triumphant Church in Lees Summit.) The older woman leading this charade claims that Chimpy has “surrounded himself with Spirit-filled people” — yeah, people who torture, people who steal from the poor in order to make the insanely wealthy even more so, and people whose actions are diametrically opposed to the true example of Christ. “Spirit-filled” my ass.

59:11: Time for some fetus fetishization. Using props of 7-week embryos and falsely calling them “fetuses,” Lou Engle of Harvest International Ministries passes them around among the children. (Technically, it is an embryo up to 8 weeks.) Engle starts yelling at the children loud enough to whip them up into a screaming, crying frenzy, which leads to a chant of “righteous judges! righteous judges!” that starts around 01:01:22. This is exactly the same thing that we saw at the camp: the children just want the violent environment to stop, and they will do, say, or chant anything they are told.

01:02:1901:03:28: Mike Papantonio is back, and he summarizes in these 69 seconds the danger that America is truly faced with. He is no anti-Christian at all — in fact, he’s a devout Methodist, yet he truly comprehends the nature of the threat that we face.

01:05:2301:10:30: We’re off to New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO, which at the time of filming (late 2005) was still led by pastor Ted Haggard. Considering what we now know about Haggard, his line at 01:07:01 is a classic: “We don’t have to debate about what we should think about homosexual activity — it’s written in the Bible!” Funny, then — that didn’t seem to occur to Haggard when he was snorting meth and paying Mike Jones to give him blow jobs. In fact, Levi and Luke O’Brien’s meeting with Haggard at 01:09:00, right after the day’s service, now has to take on a much more creepy light — especially when Haggard calls Levi “a cute kid” at 01:09:36.

01:14:47: Fischer can’t help but channel Satan again, this time demonizing liberals as “extreme.” I should explain here, for continuity’s sake, that this is the third of three very short scenes. In the first, Engle leads a group that includes the O’Brien and Elhardt families to Washington, DC, and leads them in prayer outside the Supreme Court building. The second one features Rachael Elhardt and Levi O’Brien together, explaining what they think about the “Christian” war against America; Rachael even says of being a martyr, “that’s really cool.” The third one is a short blurb from Fischer, in her living room, as she watches a videotape of some of the previous fetus fetishization.

01:15:4601:18:16: Fischer actually appears as a guest on Papantonio’s “Ring of Fire” program on Air America Radio. It’s mostly repetition of views she has already expressed, especially in regards to why she goes after children (i.e., ease of brainwashing and indoctrination), but she gives us this classic at 01:17:51: “[In a democracy] … We have to give everyone equal freedom, and ultimately, that’s going to destroy us.”

Oh, I guess I didn’t know that ending slavery destroyed America, and I must have been sleeping in class the day they told us that letting women vote was the death blow to democracy. How about allowing blacks to attend the same public schools as whites, or letting blacks into historically white colleges like the University of Mississippi? Nope — democracy outlasted that, and stayed with us until the stolen 2000 election. In fact, it has been a dictator who favors unequal freedom for God’s beloved gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children who has truly brought democracy to its knees.

01:18:1701:21:08: As she drives through a car wash in St. Robert, MO, Fischer gets a last chance to make a “closing statement” of sorts. After we hear a radio broadcast from some “Christian” station while Fischer’s car, a recent Chrysler of some sort, gets washed, the credits roll.

Well, I managed to get all the way through the rest of the movie. I’m still not done with this project, though, as several of the deleted scenes on the DVD have even more red meat to offer me. I will get around to those at another time. Until then, “good night to all, and to all a good night!”