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« Mon.03.22.1999 »

What a weekend. Went to Friday night's hockey game at JLA against the Ohio State Suckeyes, and almost had to kill a few of their fans. Pat and I were waiting to do the "Goal Count" cheer after Michigan's first goal, when some fucking asshole behind us started incessantly yelling, "SIT DOWN!" After several times hearing this, I turned to the asshole and yelled, "EAT ME!" A brawl nearly ensued; I decided it was better to ignore the motherfucker and continue with the cheer. Then, after the cheer was over, the asshole had the nerve to tell JLA security to ask us to sit. And that was just the beginning. "Where's your basketball team?" "Where you going, Michigan, your basketball game?" As if we gave a fuck about hoops.

Michigan did win the game, 3-2. I have now decided that I can put up with Sparties, but that all Suckeyes deserve death. Of course, the Maine Black Bears will eliminate the Suckeyes in the first round, and the hoops Suckeyes will lose to Connecticut, so everybody in Columbus will have to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Just my humble rantings.

Anyhow, I basically got nothing accomplished over the weekend. The lack of sleep over the weekend contributed to my not waking up until 11:30 this morning; needless to say, I didn't go to any classes today.