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2:36 am EDT        63°F (17°C) in Geneva, IL

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I had meant to do an update here toward the end of last week, but then I got sent back to the Detroit area with a load and ended up sitting in Ann Arbor for two days. This means that the time I would otherwise have spent working on an update to this was instead used to get my ass kicked in poker some more by Marc and/or his usual poker groups. I mean, when your best hand of the night to get any action is an ace-10, you know it’s gonna be a long night.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a very long night tonight. I have to be up at a reasonable hour later today, and then I’m going to have roughly a day to get from here to southeastern Kentucky with my next load. After that, I’m supposed to be headed home, so maybe I’ll have more time to do things on this site after that.