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3:03 am EST        41°F (5°C) in Knoxville, TN

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On this first day of spring, I find myself waiting to get authorization to take my truck to a Detroit Diesel shop. While picking up my most recent load in the small town of Rocky Mount, VA, located between Roanoke and Martinsville on U.S. Route 220, I noticed a good bit of smoke coming out of the exhaust stack even at idle. This is not normal at all — turbocharged diesels are only supposed to smoke a little bit, when the turbo is just starting to spin up for acceleration while under load — so I figured I would keep an eye to it. Once I was hauling the 41,000-lb. (18,597 kg) load, my “Check Engine” light would come on every time I started climbing a grade, and would go out once I started heading downhill.

I got a fairly good look at the smoke during daylight hours on Sunday afternoon, as I was headed down this way from the Wytheville, VA area on Interstate 81. Any time I hit even a minor upgrade, even as moderate as 3%, it started smoking worse than a ten-dollar whore, and I had some loss of power to go with that. Some driver behind me told me that under no load or light load (downhill or flat stretches), the smoke looked white, but then when the engine was under heavy load (climbing), the smoke would turn black. Although I know better than to take what I hear on the CB as gospel, this driver suggested my turbocharger could be the problem, and that would actually make a fair bit of sense given some of the other symptoms I’m noticing (stumbling upon engaging the clutch to start moving, poor power at lower RPM, etc.).

I had the company shop here in K-town take a look at it yesterday; the mechanic claimed to have tightened something, but it didn’t do a damn bit of good. Apparently, I have to wait for the shop foreman to come back in this morning to get permission to go to a Detroit Diesel facility; they have access to a hell of a lot more advanced diagnostic tools than the (comparatively Neanderthal) company shop, and as a result ought to be able to take care of it rather easily.

I don’t want to turn this section of my site into a running list of what guys I find hot, but I do have to mention one more guy I’m drooling over. While waiting in the drivers’ lounge at the aforementioned Knoxville company shop, I happened to glance at the TV, which was tuned to the Country Music Television (CMT) cable channel. I’m no fan of country music at all, and for the most part was ignoring the songs, but I couldn’t help drooling over the host of their “Top 20 Countdown” program, Lance Smith. My God, if you want pure sex on two legs, here ya go:

Lance Smith

He’d better be careful with that apron around me, because I would take him up on that offer and then some. I have got to figure out some way to have his babies. wink

For some reason, I am starving even at this hour, so I’m going to head over to the large truck stop near here for something to eat.