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1:05 pm EST        35°F (2°C) in Ann Arbor, MI

Calendar of Updates

I would have to say that the last nine days since my most recent update have been some of the most insane days I've ever had. As I mentioned in that update, I ran well over 500 miles last Wednesday to make a Thursday morning delivery near Binghamton, NY; following that, I was assigned to an 1,100-miler that took me to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Since I needed to get home from there between Sunday and this past Tuesday, I ended up running almost 700 miles on Sunday, and another 400 or so or Monday, to run a Minnesota load to Illinois, another Illinois one to Columbus, OH, and then head up here from Columbus.

I arrived here on Tuesday afternoon, and with my parents being mostly away from home this weekend, I had long ago decided I was going to stay in a motel room. Later on, I also hatched the idea of a rental car, and until Monday (when I head back out to the road), I am getting to scream around town in a white 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer. I must say it's a very nice car, with decent power, but there are a couple design flaws that kind of annoy me. You can't change the time delay on the intermittent windshield-wiper speed setting; most every other car I know of, including many in the Lancer's price range and class, provides that function.

In the past three days, I haven't done much. I ended up just sleeping for most of the rest of Tuesday; went to my psychiatrist/therapist appointments on Wednesday; and did dinner with Marc during his lunch break last night. I've also been watching bits and pieces of March Madness yesterday and today; as my friend Joe would say, it hasn't been too mad so far, with very few major upsets. In any case, checking out the cute young college hoopsters has been a nice bonus; I would be the type to choose the team with the most cute guys if I were to take part in a tournament pool. wink That said, I'm currently rooting for Gonzaga to win it all. wink

Between now and Monday, I have a few more errands to run, and I'll try to pay off some of my sleep "debt" that I've picked up over the last couple weeks. Additionally, I will be working on a new feature for this site: an RSS feed of this section, which can be syndicated to other web sites or read in RSS-compatible readers such as Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail program. I have most of the bugs worked out, but a few things remain to be fixed before I go completely live with the feed.

Well, it's off to do some of the aforementioned errands.