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8:51 pm EST        43°F (6°C) near Warwick, PA

Calendar of Updates

This update finds me on the opposite side of Pennsylvania from my last one. I'm headed home with the load I pick up tomorrow morning near Harrisburg; I will need the time to prepare my tax return, see a doctor, and see a lawyer before heading back out the following week. One of my old creditors from several years ago has finally gotten around to suing me for what I owed but was never able to pay — years of un- or under-employment will kind of prevent you from paying much of anything — and I need to file for bankruptcy to do a legal "end-run" around them. More so, I'm trying to protect myself against the rest of them deciding to do the same thing to me in the near future. I sure as hell can't afford to pay off $10,000-plus of lawsuits, so it's probably the best thing to do to get rid of the problems now.

In response to the questions I know I'll be asked: Yes, I've done my homework on this. No, I don't care that my credit rating will be wrecked for seven years — because it can't get any worse than it already is. If that means apartments instead of home loans, and older cars purchased outright instead of new cars financed, oh well. I'll live.

The last nine days have been fairly uneventful — just a lot of driving from Pennsylvania or New Jersey over to Michigan/Indiana/Illinois and back to the east. Maybe I'm getting bored with this whole trucking thing — or maybe they just need to send me south or west more often. I will say this, though, about one advantage of running on the East Coast: There are a lot of absolutely GORGEOUS young men over here.

The new sections I've been promising for the site should be up by mid-April at the latest, depending on how much I feel I need to do to present the information well, and on how motivated or lazy I get.