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4:55 am EDT        25°F (–4°C) in South Rockwood, MI

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Another week, another entry — that’s about how it seems to go around here. At least the weather isn’t going to fucking suck this week, like it has continuously since about the middle of February.

I figured I wanted to make a short entry in which I define a useful new term. You have no doubt heard some so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” churches, individuals, and groups referring to themselves as “Bible-believing ‘Christians’” before, particularly in the context of the wars they have declared on scientific truth, sexuality, and numerous other topics. This use of “Bible-believing” is actually a code word for “fundamentalists,” intended to differentiate “fundamentalists” from those Christians who actually strive to emulate Christ’s example. That is to say, in the “fundamentalist” Borg, Christians who feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and heal the sick, instead of picketing abortion clinics and gay pride parades, are not “Bible-believing.”

(Of course, the truth is that those who put their best effort into following Christ’s example are showing their belief in the most important part of the Bible — the Gospels. It seems that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are absent from the “fundamentalist” Bible, though, as the latter only contains Leviticus, the Pauline epistles, and Revelation, so maybe that’s why “fundamentalists” would accuse even Mother Teresa of having been not “Bible-believing.”)

Turnabout is fair play, and I am going to create a term that differentiates true Christians — those who actually try to live by Jesus’ example in the Gospels — from “fundamentalists” and other conservative “Christians.” Those who actually try to do good for others are Gospel-following Christians, to coin my term. Gospel-following Christians accept their gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender fellow children of God, and display unconditional, non-judgmental love to them and all people in the human race. Gospel-following Christians realize that the path to heaven passes through volunteer sessions at soup kitchens, serving hungry people, and not through picketing Planned Parenthood or rifling through Dumpsters outside abortion clinics. Gospel-following Christians do phone-banking for upcoming church blood drives, like my mother just did recently, instead of ranting non-stop about a supposed “destructive homosexual agenda” and insisting that GLBT folk have to “change” their God-given, God-ordained sexual orientation in order to be “saved.”

The best part about using the term Gospel-following to describe true Christians, as described in the previous paragraph, is that it’s the truth — it’s not some code word with a hidden meaning that actually conveys a falsehood. Ultimately, the “fundamentalist” use of “Bible-believing” truly means nothing more than an ego stroking for themselves and a put-down of everybody else. If “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” actually believed the Bible, they too would strive to live by the Gospels — but their actions clearly give them away as liars. Fortunately for them, as long as they are still alive, it’s never too late to renounce their hatred of gays and start following Jesus’ example — He is waiting for them to do just that, in fact.

OK, off to bed with me. Until next time, ciao.