News and Notes

« Tue.03.09.1999 »

Life as usual has returned; the rat race that is life as a full-time college student has hit again at full blast. I'm going to try to get tickets to Friday's hockey game at Yost against Bowling Green; it is finally CCHA playoff time.

Speaking of the CCHA, former CC student Phil Osaer is now Ferris State's backup goaltender. He played the 3rd period of Friday's 4-1 loss to Michigan State after starter Vince Owen was shellacked in the first two periods, and proceeded to play all 60 minutes of Saturday night's 2-1 victory over the Sparties.

It has snowed about 4" overnight ... perhaps it was wise on my part to skip Engin 100 today, since buses don't go directly from Bursley to FXB.