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« Tue.03.02.1999 »

I swear I will never spend another spring break at home. You can see, by the fact that I updated this a day after starting it, that I have nothing to do. I don't care how many credit cards I have to max out to do it -- I'm going to Myrtle Beach next March.

Went back to CC today in search of Magni, but no dice. I did see a number of people I knew, such as Hayes, Fr. McKernan, and the Maestro, and about two dozen former track teammates. I was surprised to learn the the MHSAA starting date for spring sports this year is March 15, a full two weeks later than usual. I will be in attendance at the CC-DC meet on May 3 at Thurston. (Note: You can look at CC's track schedule by following this link.) Editor's note: Link removed February 11, 2004; it's been dead for almost five years.

Right now, it looks like I'm going back to A2 on Thursday. That means only another two days of sitting around doing little or nothing.