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2:41 am EST        14°F (–10°C) in South Rockwood, MI

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Well, I’m still alive after 29 days, although given how sick I got in early February, that might be at least a little bit surprising. I ended up missing three days of work because of it, and I’m still not entirely sure what it was. Thankfully, I’ve been feeling mostly fine for about a week now, and things are pretty much back to normal.

One of the more interesting things I have had happen to me since my last update was actually a dream that I had at some point last week — I think last Thursday. (Remember, I tend to sleep from early morning to mid-afternoon, because of my work schedule.) The subject of the dream was this upcoming November’s Michigan-Ohio State football game. Those who know me might not find that subject matter all that unusual, but what was interesting about it was the vivid details about the game that I remember.

I clearly remember what the final score was in the dream: Michigan 30, Ohio State 20. For that matter, I also remember much of the fourth quarter of the game figuring prominently into the dream for some reason. I remember it being 23-12 Michigan as the quarter started with the Buckeyes progressing down the field toward the only touchdown they would score all day (the previous 12 points having come off four field goals). That Ohio State score would cut the lead to five, and a successful two-point conversion try would cut it further to three, leaving the score at 23-20 with roughly 11 minutes to play.

Michigan, though, would follow that long Buckeye touchdown drive with a matching one of their own, and would register the game’s final points with about four minutes left. From there, Ohio State would make a couple first downs, but eventually find themselves in one of my favorite football situations — fourth-and-ballgame — with just over a minute left; they would fail to convert that fourth down, and Michigan would take a knee a couple times to end it.

I don’t specifically remember a mention of any year in the dream, though I do remember the game being in Ohio Stadium, so it would make sense that the dream involved the game nine months from now. I also remember that, in the fourth quarter, Michigan was going north-to-south (left-to-right seen from the ‘Shoe’s press box) on its offensive drives, and the Buckeyes south-to-north (right-to-left). I don’t recall exactly what Michigan did to get to 23 points by the end of three quarters, though in thinking about it once awake, it occurred to me the easiest way to do that is two touchdowns, two successfully kicked PATs, and three field goals — so if this dream is any indication, it sounds like both kickers will be pretty busy. (Of course, three touchdowns with successful PATs and a safety would work too.)

I wish I had more time to write more, but sadly, I don’t. Let’s see if I can make it back any sooner next time …