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8:26 pm EST        30°F (-1°C) in Bloomington, IL

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Just as I predicted on Sunday, the Rethuglicrimes are closing ranks around Darth Cheney so as to obstruct justice after Darth’s “hunting accident” last Saturday. There is absolutely no investigation of anything going on, including by the local sheriff’s department in Kenedy County, Texas, which just closed the case earlier today. Meanwhile, as more of the story comes out, it is clear that very little of what Dr. Evil is saying comes anywhere close to passing the smell test — meaning that in all likelihood, the president’s vice-president’s office is trying hard to cover something up.

There have been a number of questions asked about why it took a day for the media to know anything at all about the shooting, and why even then, the only way anybody found out about it was a tip from the ranch owner to a reporter at the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. Darth has claimed that he had neither press secretaries nor communications equipment with him on the trip, and that that is what caused the delay in releasing the news. Uhm … this from the same mis-administration that claims Dumbya’s fake Crawford, TX ranch, with all that fake brush to clear, has all kinds of communications equipment, and that he’s always in touch with Washington? Hmmm … Larry smells a teeny-weeny inconsistency here.

Supposedly, Darth was also concerned about “an accurate report” of the incident by the media, and that supposedly also contributed to the delay. Uhm … since when has the Dumbya-Darth mis-administration given a flying fuck about media accuracy? The fact that Darth granted his only post-shooting interview to the F-word Propaganda Channel (apologies to CNN’s Jack Cafferty for stealing his name for said network) proves that this mis-administration truly favors disinformation and misdirection from the media, not accuracy. Seeing as Kenedy County sheriff’s deputies were turned away from the Armstrong ranch on Saturday, I have to suspect that the delay was used to make sure that everybody even remotely related to the incident got their lies stories straight, and to issue Mafia-style threats to break the legs of anybody who didn’t walk the Cheney line.

There are several other things that, while they cannot be proven to be lies at this point, definitely don’t pass the smell test either. Even self-admitted Rethuglican-leaning hunters have been calling many of the radio shows I listen to, questioning Darth’s story that Harry Whittington “got into the line of fire” some distance in front of Darth; they have all stated quite emphatically that for the “bird shot” Darth was using to do the damage it did to Whittington, he had to be shot at practically point-blank range — not the “30 yards” Darth has claimed.

Furthermore, Darth has admitted to consuming one alcoholic drink at lunch on Saturday afternoon, perhaps four hours before the shooting occurred. I would have to think he’s on a shitload of prescribed heart medication after the four heart attacks he’s had, and I would also have to think that alcohol consumption would be listed as a STRICTLY verboten behavior in the information that comes with said prescriptions. In that case, why was he drinking?

Change of subject: there is going to be some violent weather this evening across much of my home state of Michigan, as well as throughout large parts of Indiana and Ohio. A deep low-pressure system is tracking across the northern Lower Peninsula, dragging with it a strong cold front that stretches all the way into at least southern Missouri. On the warm side of the front, heavy rain and even thunderstorms — thunderstorms, in February! — along with high winds, are developing; back behind the front, central and northern Wisconsin have seen as much as a foot of snow already, and winter storm warnings are in place for much of central and northern lower Michigan tonight. Mariners on Lake Michigan are facing 15-foot (4.6 m) waves and 45-knot (52 mph, 83 km/h) gales along with blowing snow and freezing spray. All things considered, it’s an ugly night to have to do anything outdoors or on the roads in most of Michigan.

I have more things I wanted to get around to mentioning, but I have just found out that I won’t be getting my trailer refrigeration unit (“reefer”) serviced here in Bloomington. It will not start, and I think there are actually a number of causes of this problem. At this point, it looks like I have to head out to Quincy, IL, on the east bank of the Mississippi River, to get it fixed.