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«  Tue.01.30.2001  »
12:59 am EST        34°F (1°C) in Dearborn
Calendar of Updates

I apologize for the lack of updates recently. I've been working on numerous time-consuming projects, one of which is another total redesign of this site. I've been focusing most of my recent web design efforts into the new version, ignoring the current version for the most part. I feel like I've been getting nowhere, mostly because every time I come online, everybody and his brother tries to chat with me forever. Nice guy that I am, I'm not just going to say, "screw off, I'm busy"; I'm usually going to chat with them. My parents are back to their old games as well; I'd stay up until 4:00 am every night until the site was done if I wasn't threatened with being kicked out of the house for doing so. Hell, I'm pushing it with them right now by being up at 1:00 am.

I attended Animania on Saturday in Ann Arbor with my old friend Rob, his cousin Brandon, and Pat. I watched the two episodes of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijo ("His and Her Circumstances"), a wonderful romantic comedy, before leaving for a bit. After Gundam Wing 08th MS, I hooked back up with the group for dinner at Pizza House. We decided to skip out on most of Hameln the Violinist, returning just minutes before they raffled off a large stuffed Pikachu. (Gotta kill 'em all! ) After the raffle was complete, Kurouni Kenshin: The Movie (Wandering Samurai in English) capped off the evening. After dropping Pat at his room, Brandon at his house in Ypsilanti, and Rob at his house in Belleville, in that order, I proceeded home, arriving there at 2:30 am. I wasn't really that tired though; I'd slept through about 35 minutes of Kurouni Kenshin.

I had a job interview yesterday; it was a "call-back" interview after the initial screening on the day I applied. I won't post any details here until I know for certain that I have or don't have the job. I am confident that I will get it, though I'm filling out other applications to make certain that I have my bases covered.

Expect to see "Larry's Phat Page 5: Simplicity" before too long, maybe next week.