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4:30 am EST        5°F (-15°C) in Dearborn, MI

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I ended up getting home a few days earlier than I had been planning on, and I will get to enjoy my 25th birthday tomorrow at home. I should be going back out to the road this upcoming Thursday.

It is said that deaths come in threes. Not long ago, I mentioned the passing of one of my former bus-driving co-workers; since my last update on Tuesday, the other two have occurred. I must admit that all three of the deceased were people with whom I did not have a particularly close relationship, but I knew them (or at least one of their family members) all quite well. This past Thursday evening, my friend Joe passed along the news that his grandfather had died at the age of 85; other than knowing that Joe was headed back into town for the funeral, I didn't really find out too much else. Yesterday around noon, one of my parents' neighbors named Dave was outside working on clearing the 10" of snow that fell here Friday night; he had just finished a neighbor's driveway, and was about to attack a "double driveway" he shared with the neighbor on the other side, when he suddenly started having slurred speech and then collapsed face-down in the snow. A passer-by parked his pickup truck nearby and began CPR, and the city EMTs arrived with a defibrillator within several minutes, but the news came back within two hours that Dave had died at 59 before he even arrived at the hospital. He had a son who is roughly my age, and also left his wife behind; I definitely feel for them. I send my condolences along to Joe's and Dave's respective families, and I hope my readers feel the same way.

I have been working on another "past issue" project in the last couple of days. I have it mostly finished except for some formatting issues; but with the late hour tonight, I will attack those later on. I expect that post will go up in the next few days.