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1:27 am EST        5°F (–15°C) in Higginsville, MO

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I have just finished with one of those nights that seriously makes me want to quit driving a truck for a living. I mean, this isn’t something I plan to do for life anyway, but the events of tonight have served to remind me just how fucking tired I am of all the bullshit. Mind you, this has nothing to do with my company; rather, if anybody is to blame, it would be brain-dead truck-stop maintenance personnel.

If you have been following the weather lately, you know that the area where I am parked tonight suffered a three-day assault this past weekend from freezing rain, ice, and snow — mostly ice, as I would come to find out. I was pulling into this truck stop to bring my night to an end, and seeing a few spaces available near the far end of the lot, I went down that way. I looped past the available spaces so that I could turn around and come back to them facing the proper direction for a “sight-side” backing job, but I never would make it back to those spaces; the far end of the lot, which is at the bottom of a slight incline, was covered in glare ice.

My attempts to free myself, by backing up into what looked like a better traction area, only made things worse, and I eventually ended up over a curb, completely stuck. I called my company’s road-service department and asked them to send a wrecker out to free the truck; in the meantime, I (perhaps stupidly) made several other attempts to get myself out, including putting kitty litter and oil-dry under the drive tires, and later trying to install my tire chains. Doing this caused me to slip and land right on my ass at least once; the ice at that corner of the parking lot was literally good enough for a hockey game.

The towing company first sent out a tractor, almost like the style you would expect to see on a farm, but that didn’t accomplish anything; its operator could only spin his wheels. They had to call in the full-fledged wrecker and have it winch me out; once the wrecker had me out of the hole, they hooked the tractor back up and used that to pull me to the other end of the lot. I’m quite sore, although definitely not seriously hurt, after the little spill on the ice; I’m sure I’ll have to sleep pretty well tonight to get rid of that.

Like I said, this isn’t a matter of discouragement or doubting my truck-driving skills or anything like that; I mean, during the time I was stuck, I saw at least three other drivers very nearly get stuck themselves in the same end of the lot. The only thing I did any differently from them was try to extract myself from the situation without immediately stopping and seeking help of some sort. (One of them needed that very same tractor, although not the wrecker, to pull him out of the spot he got stuck in; the other two were able to get going again with kitty litter under their drive tires.) This is just a matter of being so tired of various and sundry forms of bullshit and wasting of time, of which tonight’s events are only one of many.

Rethuglicans in Michigan have yet again been shown to be lying hypocrites of the lowest kind. An appeals court decision reached in November and just brought to light yesterday means that Attorney General Mike Cox must immediately face charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct for the adulterous affair he admitted to in November 2005. The Michigan Court of Appeals, reading state statutes, ruled that CSC I charges may be filed when consensual sex occurs along with any other felony, overturning a lower-court judge’s decision to toss out CSC charges against a Charlevoix man in a consensual-sex-for-drugs case. The Hypocrite General’s office handled Charlevoix County’s appeal of this lower-court decision to the Court of Appeals, making it even more obvious that Cox is guilty of malfeasance in office.

Section 750.30 of the Michigan Compiled Laws provides that adultery itself is a felony in Michigan. Therefore, since Cox had consensual sex while committing the felony of adultery, he is liable to prosecution for CSC I, and as an admitted criminal, must be IMMEDIATELY removed from the office of Attorney General. Failure to do so reveals Rethuglicans and Rethuglican voters as Bible-violating anti-Christian hypocrites, criminals, and criminal enablers who will burn for all eternity in the hottest fires of Hell — and I don’t mean the hamlet of Hell, MI, near Pinckney in Livingston County.

What makes it even more clear to me, though, that I need to get the hell out of Michigan at my earliest opportunity, is this little gem from the Detroit Free Press article I linked to above:

The Court of Appeals opinion could also be interpreted as a tweak to the state Supreme Court, which has decreed that judges must enforce statutory language adopted by the Legislature literally, whatever the consequences.

In many other states, judges may reject a literal interpretation of the law if they believe it would lead to an absurd result. But Michigan’s Supreme Court majority has held that it is for the Legislature, not the courts, to decide when the absurdity threshold has been breached.

In other words, the Rethuglicans who have controlled our Supreme Court for years have effectively rendered the entire state court system useless. There is nothing more anti-American and anti-democratic than castrating the courts, which have been a fundamental part of every democratic system in history. Of course, we know that the Christofascist terrorists who control the Rethuglican Party want the courts destroyed so that nothing stands in the way of their Satanic agenda, so that’s probably why our state Supreme Court took this step. With this policy in place, we are ripe for a complete statewide takeover by the Christofascists, who already firmly control half of the state and are hell-bent on more.

I need to get to sleep now, before we figure out later today what is going to happen with this Connecticut-bound load.