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7:09 pm EST        42°F (6°C) in Mantua, OH

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It appears that I will be able to spare Wilmington, a town across Ohio from where I am making this update, from the nuking I had planned to give it. At some point yesterday afternoon, DHL located my laptop, which had been returned to their Wilmington facility; a new delivery has been scheduled for Monday morning. I still stand by what I said yesterday, though: I will never willingly ship anything via DHL again, and to the extent that I can control the shipping company responsible for shipping items to me, I will use UPS, FedEx, or the Postal Service.

I am formulating ideas for a longer update, to be made here at some point in the future, which will detail many of the reasons Lloyd Carr has to go at Michigan. A lot of you are probably thinking, “come on, Larry, he just finished an 11-2 season and turned Michigan around from 7-5 the previous year! What the fuck are you smoking?” That fact is all fine and good, but frankly, we learned a lot more about Lloyd Carr in Michigan’s two losses this year than we did in their 11 victories. It has more to do with an attitude and an approach that will easily beat the weaklings who occupy the bottom eight or so spots in the Big Ten, but will always lose the games that really count, like Ohio State, bowl games, and Notre Dame in most years. Look for that in the future.

As for now, though, I need to get about as far as Toledo tonight — so I’m off to do that.