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«  Fri.01.05.2001  »
9:29 pm EST        35°F (2°C) in Dearborn
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Finally, after nearly three weeks, the temperature has risen above freezing. Some of this snow will finally start to melt; hopefully, most of it will be gone by the middle of next week. Rain — the world's best snow-melting device — is in the forecast for next Wednesday.

I attempted to meet my friend Scott at Metro Airport yesterday, but parking was such a nightmare that I didn't even reach baggage claim until 20 minutes after his flight landed. Figuring he had already left for Ann Arbor, I had to head to Baits myself to return his car key. I left it with Nym, and headed home.

Since then, I haven't done much except sit in front of this computer, doing the usual things (chats, web browsing, etc.). I did make some important phone calls earlier today; I will be having my first appointment with a psychiatrist next Monday at 1:00 pm, and I have some jobs in mind that I will pursue after I turn 21 in just under three weeks. (Most of the companies I'm looking at require their employees to be 21 or older.)

I will be doing some work for my uncle at the North American International Auto Show early next week, so that should keep me somewhat busy (and in the money!) during that time. If anything interesting should happen, I'll talk about it here.