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«  Wed.01.03.2001  »
11:02 pm EST        25°F (-4°C) in Dearborn
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I was so busy yesterday that my streak of five consecutive days (Dec. 28-Jan. 1) with updates came to an end. That streak represented the first time I'd ever made updates on more than two consecutive days.

I was awakened around 10:30 am yesterday by my mother's announcement that I had until 7:00 pm to clear out of Baits. I showered as quickly as I could, and my sister and I left for Ann Arbor. I dropped her off at the Grad Library to check out some books she needed for a research project before going up to Baits to begin the task. After nearly an hour spent throwing things together, I returned to the library to pick her up; from there, we went to meet my friend Marc for lunch. From lunch, my sister and I returned to Baits to throw stuff in the car; I had to fly down I-94 to get her to a later appointment on time. I had no sooner parked my car than I hopped in my father's Explorer for the "large items" trip (chair, carpet, etc.). We secured these, and did dinner at a Big Boy in Ann Arbor before returning from my whirlwind day.

Fortunately, I had gotten my parents to see the value in one additional day's time to move out; I was able to return today. My father and I had done enough work last night to the point where loading my car took only 45 minutes this afternoon. I spent a good bit of the afternoon with my friend Sarah, helping her get things situated in her new room. We later went to the Union for dinner; we sat there assigning grades to every cute guy that passed our table.

I might have been able to make an update last night if I hadn't gotten caught up in IMs and ICQ messages from what seemed like a million people. Most of these folks were my friends; we had our typical conversations on the usual topics. I must talk about one of the people with whom I chatted, though.

A man discovered my site Sunday night; he read through it for probably 20 minutes before deciding that I was the cure to all his ills. He used one of the numerous e-mail links strewn throughout the site to send me a message stating, "I think I've found the boy I've been looking for." (I hope my loyal readers are already figuring out that this character is a little loony.) So, we chatted last night. He revealed that he is devoutly Catholic, and is worried that he will go to hell because he feels an attraction to his own sex. I tried to convince him that any "loving God" wouldn't create something he would later decide is "inherently evil" as the man suggested; he went so far as to say that natural young-male sexual drive is evil. I was sitting in my chair, alternately laughing my ass off and pulling my hair out, as he muddled his way through his argument. When his logic became circular and self-contradictory, I said, "Well, I'm not going to argue about this. You need to decide whose life you're going to live — your own or the Vatican's." He responded, "I am trying to live my own life, and that is why I think you would make the perfect boyfriend." Aaaaargh! Lest I forget, this guy couldn't even remember my name for 24 hours (IT'S AT THE TOP OF EVERY FRIGGIN' PAGE ON THIS SITE!), and his sense of humor is even worse than my father's.

Ever since I came out on this site, and joined a web ring, I've been getting a lot of feedback about it. While most of the attention has been positive, a few people seem to raise me to the status of a deity, and act like I'm perfect. My life is far from perfect; take it from me, folks. I just can't understand how these people think I'm the answer to life's problems — I mean, I'm glad to help, but I can't solve other people's personal problems for them. That's their department.

Well, enough rambling for tonight. I need to get going to bed.