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7:14 pm EST        37°F (3°C) in Cedar Rapids, IA

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This first update of 2006 finds me several miles south of Cedar Rapids, awaiting a 9:00 am EST pickup tomorrow morning about 20 miles from here in Iowa City. Rumor has it I will be swapping that load with another driver somewhere along Interstate 80, and taking the load he brings me to its destination in Michigan on my way home. Once there, I will in all likelihood begin filling out applications to drive for other companies, and I am going to remove basically everything non-essential from this truck — a lot of it is completely useless and can be thrown away, but some of it will head home with me. Basically, I’m preparing myself for what seems to be pretty obviously inevitable — dispatch will put in absolutely none of the effort necessary from their end to improve my miles, and I will be blamed for it and fired.

It’s been a largely boring three-and-a-half days since the last update here. I sat around most of Friday, spent much of Saturday driving, and have driven a combined three hours between yesterday and today. Since this past morning’s delivery, I’ve mostly been doing little housekeeping tasks on this site, and I’m also starting to experiment with returning a message board to this site after five years. Other than that, there really isn’t much to report, so I think I’ll be back when I have actual news.